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June 8, 2023 10:09 PM
Steve in Ohio

11 Mar 2023

Dream: St Louis Was Nuked (More Than Once)

The dream started, I was on airplane and everyone was in the middle going down the aisle. Due to the angle of the plane, we were in a slow descend and it was going down the decent was slow enough for everyone to get to a door in the front of the aircraft. When I got to the door, I was told the city was St. Louis and the whole city was on fire! Then I was given a parachute.

Just before me was a bunch of people that just jumped out suddenly, I saws second nuclear blast and I grabbed onto the door. I tried to stay in the aircraft look as I could.

I was east of St. Louis, but each blasts was a different color. One was yellow and one was white. They with it they probably were within 10 minutes of each other. (I thought in my head are these different types of nukes??) I had the feeling they wanted to make sure that city was dead; the fire and heat was so intense below. Everything was on fire!

At some point, I was out the aircraft, no idea when. However, I was now in a parachute and I was still very high up in the air. After my shoot opened and I started to pull right and turn it east ward. As I was turning, I saw the whole west coast on fire. As I continued turning, I saw 3 other blast north of St Louis. From the parachute, it looked like Omaha, KC City, and maybe Denver. Vision ended. I know physically I could have never seen that far, but in the dream I could see it perfectly.

Around End of March

Military Bases Getting Nuked

I had another vision, it was very obvious to me in the dream, and I was standing too close to where a nuke went off near a military base. I was suddenly standing in a cloud and suddenly holding a dark haired baby (more like a toddler) that was not mine. I had the realization it was floating in the air with me, and I just grabbed him and held him. As we walked on this cloud and in a cloud tunnel, a female looking angel was standing there. She motioned to me, its ok, hand me the baby. I said, are you an angel of the most high? She said, yes and I had peace in my heart! Then I said, angel of the Most High God, in Jesus name, where is my family. She immediately said, your family has not arrived.

26 Mar 2023

Destruction of Bomber and Dispersal Bases.

The other night, oddly I was back in the military. Not sure where I was, didn’t seem like a normal military situation. Seemed like the military was not the same, very few people and I were brought back against my will. I was asked to make a document from memory since there was no online library anymore. The document was very rude in construction since pictures were cut out and pasted onto pages. It looked horrible. Everything seemed as if it was back in the 1970/1980s with very limited to no technology. It didn’t seem like there was a purpose for being there. Everyone looked like refugees.

I had a female Col, she kept me close (arm’s length) I remember I tried to leave being around her, but she block my feet from moving with her feet from going anywhere. The only way to get to the hallway was thru her, and she wasn’t having it. She was most often sitting on the ground, it seemed her hamstrings and legs were hurting her really badly. There was no furniture that I can remember, but a few old school desks.

Suddenly, I was told I’m being assigned to a new area; I didn’t know where I was, perhaps in Ohio, where I live now. The orders said, Dyer AFB, TX. Mentors have suggested perhaps it’s a decommissioned Dyess, AFB TX.

When I woke up I was frustrated that the military had not taken anything serious and now were seriously limited.

*If given permission, I will post more data on bases.

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