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Nuclear, the soon coming! – McKana

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Nuclear, the soon coming!

January 30, 2023 7:48 PM

January 30, 2023

Numbers 23:19(KJV)
God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

Ezekiel 24:14(KJV)
I the Lord have spoken it: it shall come to pass, and I will do it; I will not go back, neither will I spare, neither will I repent; according to thy ways, and according to thy doings, shall they judge thee, saith the Lord God.

What the Lord gave us, we have to deliver as we are given. This is about the life of many millions. The Lord has shown me everything. I have mentioned earlier that the Lord from His word said “For you, I have shown everything.” I have shared what the Lord showed me here in this website and to those who listen. It is a responsibility and we have to overcome. I have screamed loud from the top of the roof for years, ringing the alarm, blowing the trumpet until many grew board.

Now, we are in the conclusions of the times of warnings. The end is not near but here, judgment falling in kind. As I have consecutively warned for years, given words about the rogue planet, the meteor, the tsunami, the earthquakes, the pestilance, the famine, the evil entities and the fallen angels, about hell and heaven, the gifts of grace etc, now is the time to give a short summary of the nuclear attacks in the way the Lord showed me. What the Lord has given me some here, some there, I have assembled what is relevant but not in the order I am given and not in the sequences they are to come.

The reason for the repeated warnings is revealed here from the many very grave warnings given:-

We are closer to World war!
( WORDS GIVEN ON DECEMBER 22, 2016, 11:00PM)

I was watching a testimony and heard this:-“We are closer to world war!!!,” that is an all out world war. These words were given at the end of 2016. If it is closer in 2016, it is this time and it shows. We are indeed much close to world war and we are at the early stages, already on.

1. The Sword over the eastern Sky of the US.
(The Sword, Open Vision of early fall of 2016)

It is late in the afternoon. I am standing outside facing towards the east, from the Midwest. As I usually do, I am looking up to the sky. Through the times I see, in real life, many things in the sky, clouds, stars, the moon and many unexpected things. This time, I am looking at something strange in a swift but clear open vision. I see a big white sword, pointed downwards toward the East cost of the continent of North America. To be precise, to the administration center. This is a clear open vision with a message of the coming judgement of the Lord, Almighty God. The sword, with a clear message is pointed downwards towards the east cost. This is a sword not earthly and none the like but heavenly. One can feel its might, meaning and message. Since I have seen many visions and dreams regarding the judgement of the Lord, It didn’t take me long to understand that the time has came and for what has been prophesied to come to pass.

For my surprise, in the same area of the sky at a different time but later, I have clearly seen, in an open vision, the gate of Heave open. Beautiful vision. The sword is judgment on the disobedient and the gate of heaven is redemption for the faithful.

2. The Nuclear explosion on the Police state.
(Dream-vision of 2013)

The Nuclear attack.
In the police station of the administration center of my home town, I see a crane, a big machine with long arm which can stretch a long distance. The crane is stretching across the street and demolishing our house. It is hitting the roof from above. In that instant, before the house is smashed down, a nuclear bomb came from the open sky, from the back and struck the operator of the crane with out the awareness of the operator(the name of the operator is dawn, new day break). The fire from the explosion of the nuclear attack got expanding, fire raging and going out miles in all direction. I am running away from the nuclear fire, uphill toward the south. I woke up before the fire ingulfed me.
Police station is the police state-The USA.

3. EMP-Surprise attack!

Early in 2013, I saw a vision, from above, all the land of the USA. I see well dressed military cadets, military personnel, dressed well with khaki uniforms and left to right flat cap, not armed. I see them at the same time, all over the land, in the fields, valleys and mountains. It is a normal day, no one is expecting anything. Everything was calm and quit. All of a sudden, Something strange has happened. Everyone is caught in utter surprise as if hit by a lightening. There is eerie quietness, complete surprise and bewilderment. They have surrendered without knowing what has happened with no resistance. Then, I realized the country is attacked and invaded. To my surprise, I am speaking loud, alarming all that it is an attack from the enemy, telling them to fight back. Then I see the military lined up in trenches facing to the east fighting back with heavy artillery, ground warfare. I still remember the vision as if it is today. What was it, EMP.

4. The “SHELL” from the sky!!!
(Dream-vision of October 9, 2017 7:30 AM)

I see high up in the South Western sky, stars, bunch of them, small, looking good. The stars transformed to the writing yellow “SHELL” then I see the logo of the gas company “SHELL”. I knew it from before and remember seeing it. It descended from the sky, came close to the ground. I am telling some one behind me, “a friend,” pointing to the shining shell. It came down, I caught it, it became a regular “iPad” but made of flexible dark rubber. I see in the center of the screen, a scary demonic figure staring at me. The demonic looking figure, in the middle of the iPad is an oriental soldier with military dressing just like the second world war, green thick jacket and the old round caps. I see him, head and chest. He stared at me furiously and look very angry and frightening. The staring demonic figure moved to the upper left corner of the iPad screen. In the screen I see green cartoon figures, the frog, the dragon, creatures with long dragging tails, every kind. I pushed the button on the right lower corner. The cartoon demonic figures moved swiftly, irregularly and changed to well dressed soldiers, with military fatigue. They are oriental, armed, running around and taking positions.

I looked and examined the type of “iPad,” it is not the type we know. There are two rows of writings. The writing on the top row is unique and not known, numbers, some symbols, a writing I don’t know. On the second row, to the left a word in English, the one next to it, in the middle is Arabic the third to the right I didn’t see it well.

Then I see people, regular people in a room, I kept the “iPad” on the table to the side, waiting for their attention. I am there to tell them about what I have at hand but no one seem to pay attention.

Shell from the sky-to fire shells or explosive projectiles into, upon, bombard, Programmed missiles

Bunch of stars – Barrage of Nuclear Missiles.
Demonic real soldiers programmed like robots- Attack, Invasion

5. New York city in flames from nuclear attack!
(Vision of October 24 24, 2016 9:52 AM)

New York city in flames from nuclear attack!
Last night I didn’t sleep since 3:00AM. I had a rough morning, sick until I hate everything. I sat, saw the news and closed my eyes. The condition and my situation doesn’t permit me to think about anything but to have a small rest. I was swiftly drifting, gone for few minutes. I didn’t ask for it, nor thought about it. What I saw shook me to the bones.

I saw New York city in flames, burning from nuclear attack. It is destroyed. When I see that, I said to myself, all what they are talking about came to be true. It was so real, in my face, as if I was there close to the action, I was shocked. It was an instant but very, very real. At the very moment, I saw Trump in a flash flew on the air right by the flaming city. I saw him speed passed behind the flame to the right, on the air. I don’t know what it means but that is what I saw. I saw what many have seen, The timing is what matters. This thing looks so close, God knows the time.

6.. It is a Nuclear Bomb in Deep Sea-White Mushroom.
A white mushroom cloud of Nuclear Explosion.
(Vision of August 25, 2020 7:00AM)

In an open window, in a swift vision, I see a nuclear mushroom, nuclear explosion to the east of where I am. I am in the Midwest. It is a white flame like a big cloud, a mushroom cloud of a big nuclear explosion. I saw it clearly. AND, I heard “Ye, it is a bomb in Adepises,” I have no idea what Adepises/Adepices is. I don’t know what it means not heard of any word like that.

I have been searching, thinking for months until January 26, 2021, 5:45PM. I even searched on google map for a city by the name ”Adepices,” or what it means, none to find out.

Then, the understanding came, it is not in Adepises, “A Bomb in Deep Sea.” The origin of the explosion is from the deep seas.

I remembered the open vision I saw of a big nuclear bomb explosion in New York city where Trump swiftly moved behind the flame to the right. In that vision, I saw Trump, his head behind the red flame of the nuclear explosion swiftly moving, in the air to the right.

This time, the explosion is “White” mushroom cloud, from a distance, what I clearly saw of New York is “Red” flame of nuclear explosion. It is in the shores of the east coast.

7. The Nuclear Explosion strikes home.
(Detailed dream of May 12, 2017)
( I am seeing this from a town, where I use to live, 20 miles south of the main city.)

First I saw a business setting, in two places I know. I am talking to people, asking them their names, looking at them in detail. These are people I never new and haven’t seen before. The whole scene changed and I am on a side of a street walking from East to West.

I turned to the right towards the North 20 miles far away from where I am. I see a nuclear explosion. Not a mushroom cloud but the whole sky is covered with smoke and toxic cloud swiftly moving towards us. It is a nuclear winter raining hot, highly toxic material expanding and spreading with very fast speed in all directions. All of a sudden, people are running here and there. I tried to run away from the fast approaching toxic cloud and smoke. It has covered the whole of the sky. I ran to the East from the West along the side of the street. I know I can’t escape and returned back,west towards home, hoping I might make it to take cover. I am running towards where the toxic material is rushing but towards home. My energy is exhausted from running. I see a lady I know running beyond full speed for her life toward the East. This is a close friend. I haven’t seen anyone in my life running desperately like that. She is full of terror. We passed each other, running East and West. I saw her in sheer terror, she saw me, no time to greet or talk to each other.

There are people here and there, some running for their lives after seeing the catastrophic event, some unaware of what has happened, some on their business. It looks so real. I reached almost 200-300 meters from home. The toxic dark debris and burning smoke has come near me and I am already in it. The big smoke behind is approaching too. I saw our home and few houses next to it. The house was the same standing when I saw it and now it is falling apart. The front has a big hole and the house is tilted backwards. In a distance, there are three or more smaller eruptions and a rising smoke from the small explosion of what has came from above. I see a pillar of smoke rise, there are groups of people nearby. The rising smoke turned to a white metal, looks a communication tower, and fall on the ground, frightening the people to run.

The toxic smoke and debris didn’t hurt me when it landed on my skin. With all my energy, I started doing what I know best, Rebuked it. I don’t know what I am rebuking but I am saying “ In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I rebuke you, I rebuke you, I rebuke you —–” to the toxic burning thing. There is “a man” in front of the house, tall dressed with clean cloth, standing and watching. This is not a person I know. He is not running, he is not moving. He is not busy, simply standing like waiting for me until I come close. Then, before I make it inside the house, the whole thing stopped and I woke up sick.
The explosion was coming from the North after engulfing the city, the administrative capital of the state, in central Michigan towards where I am, the town, 20 miles south of it.

The Angel is the one waiting. The Lord will not let His children go through nuclear flames.

8. The thre missiles over Michigan
(Vision of August 1, 2017.)

Three missiles flying from west to east on the middle of the USA

I had difficulty sleeping since 4:40AM. I am between a wake and sleep state and I saw three missiles flying from west to east on the middle of the USA passing over the sky of mid-Michigan. One of them is big in the middle and the other two are smaller by the side of the middle one, one after the other. I was not sure what I saw and said missiles. I didn’t see any flame behind them and I don’t know their origin. I understood two of them are fake and the middle one is the real nuclear missile.

9. The Russians Invasion, rolling their Nucleae missills.

The Lord showed me in sequence during few weeks five Chaos. Economic, social unrest, natural disasters, war and the last one is here.

The Lord, at the end of the revelations of the four told me“The Fifth one is what I have shown you before” in reference to what He showed me in Mid-2012.

In this vision, I saw the Russias with old nuclear missiles rolling on old roller in the middle of the street struggling to enter the main gates of the White house. They are also with mounted heavy guns running around and shootings in the backyard of the White house. I am screaming loud, telling every one“There are Russian soldiers in the back of the white house.” The soldier pointed the mounted gun at me but I took cover behind the trunk of one big tree. I woke up of my own screams.

10. ICBM, In Seven Minutes, will Be Here
High Speed ICMBs Fired! (ICBM-Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)
(Dream vision of January 22, 2023. 12:44AM)

I am in a plane like flying machine floating stationary high up in the sky. I am looking down the activity on the ground through the window like a pilot/copilot from the left side. I see few people, military personnel, look Russian, with some machines around in a wide open field with no trees and coverings. I see them clearly. There is some one by my right, I don’t see his face.

There are few personnel pushing a very big/tall white colored nuclear ICBM pointed up standing vertically. The people look very small compared to this big ICBM. They moved the missile a short distance to the left and stopped. The ICBM is fired and went up to the sky passing us. It looks like a rocket going to space. By the moment the big one is fired another smaller size dark green missile is fired. The second smaller missile is very speedy. When this speedy missile is passing us, the flying machine I am floating in shook violentely. This signifies the high speed(supersonic) nature of the smaller missile compared to the first big one. At this moment, I heard a voice say:-

“It will be here in seven minutes”

And I woke up screaming “ Seven minutes it is over!”

The speed is so high, it will reach its destination, here in the US in seven minutes.

11. The War-Warplanes filled the sky
(Dream of December 12, 2017, 2:00 AM) )

We are in the woods, I looked up. The sky is full of warplanes. Some way high up, some little lower. Trails of smoke is coming out of some of them, from the attack of the warplanes chasing them. The sky is a mess. One or more of the warplanes to the right is shooting at another warplanes in front but at a distance in the sky. I looked, countless numbers of locusts are falling on the ground. Locusts! Then I looked at a distance. The big fat whales, the dolphins and a number of big fish are up on the air, heads up, on the air from the ocean stretching way long. I don’t see the ocean and body of water clearly. I see the land before it. They are above the ground and the level of the ocean, they are falling down.

I don’t know who is shooting whose planes but it is war. The locusts, as I understood are the falling warplanes. The whales and the dolphins and the big fish are the haves, the rich, hitting the roof.
War, locusts, whales and dolphins.

12. Yellow Cheese Cake-Boom
(Revelation of August 18, 2018)

There are four people around a table. The leader-PM, the former defense minster, Nathan the young prophet and I myself in front of him around the table. The three are sitting I am about to sit. There is food in front of all. On the right hand of the PM, there is a yellow, rectangular good looking small yellow cheese cake. He is not aware of what is to happen and his attention is on the DM in front of him. All of a sudden, like a volcano, the yellow cheese cake went off shooting to the air, straight up. The whole story ended there.

It is very clear-PM- Current 2023 Prime minster of Israel, DM-Defense Minster

Yellow cheese cake-Nuclear weapon.
“War”-Nuclear war.

See the prime minster come back to power. See how the time is so close.

13. Israel-War Is Coming
(Dream of July 27, 2015 1:15 AM)

First I see missiles shooting into the air from Israel to Iran. I saw two, three, four five missiles fired nuclear capable. Then I was lifted up into the sky. I see the whole world, starting from North America than the middle east. My focus was in the middle east. I was not sure where the missiles are landing, everyone’s question, did they hit the target? Then I see Iran clearly and distinctly, the whole country reddish color, compared to the other countries in the region and Europe. Then I see multiples missiles in the air directed towards Iran in the middle of the thick cloud, smoky too. The origin of the missiles is Israel. Some also looks they are going from the US across the Atlantic, It is taking longer time but from the same region. Then I am focused on Iran and see the missiles land and where they land there was fire in different areas. Then I see disk like stone suspended on the air, in the middle of the land, specifically to one area. It is a stone, round but flat like a flying saucer. It is descending gradually, in slow motion. Then I see a splash of debris, a crater formed before it landed. I am wondering what it is. Then I am watching on land from different location, from South West. There are people, lots of them looking up to the sky watching what is unfolding. Then I said, now there is going to be no oil. One of the people, a friend said, the Saudis are not involved, implying oil will be available and I said, they are already in war. Then I said, Israel is going to be attacked by its neighbors, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria etc. Then I left the area. From all this, I have not seen anything directed or landing in Israel and whether the rest of the world is involved. My focus was in the two countries. It is clear. War is coming, nuclear war in the region between Israel and Iran which involves the USA. The ramification of the war is big. This, the Lord showed me, clearly. It is God who controls everything, the timing not man.

Flood of Blood from the US to the rest of the world.
(Vision of August 11, 2022 3:45PM)

While reading, I closed my eyes for a small rest. I rested a little and in that short time, I saw something surprising.

I see the whole map of the US high from above. Something intense flood of red, blood looking red started from the center of the US. It rose up like tower of water, with speed, covered the whole of the US and went further towards the east to the rest of the world. It is a flood of blood which originated form the US and went east to cover the rest of the world. I heard “All evil starts in the US and goes to the rest of the world”

These word gave meaning to what I saw in this swift vision which I interpreted as a flood of blood, bloodshed. Considering what the future holds for America and the rest of the world. The vision is a confirmation to the prophetic words we were given all this long. This is indeed the time!

Last night, in my sleep, I heard a word which says “Give the messages as you see them!” which means do not hold back and do not change. The Lord has realized my hesitation of releasing the strange visions and dreams I am given.

Repent! Repent! Repent!

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