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Nuclear Dream – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Whitney Eslick Manuel

Nuclear Dream

Early October 2010 I had a dream where I was in a large room with 300 or so world rulers, mostly caucasian. The room could have easily seated 1,000, but many seats were vacant. I sat beside an older gentleman to my right and saw 4 people standing in the front, with about 30 people behind them. The 4 in the front were introduced as scientists who has helped Iran develop their 1st nuclear weapon. 3 were men and I think the fourth was a woman. I don’t remember much of the last 3, but the 1st man on the left hand side was tall, thin, obviously unathletic, and had blonde hair that was curly/ frizzy. He was introduced as the scientist who fueled the nuclear weapon with some type of gas/ fuel similar to what we put in our cars. I found this so strange. The 30 or so people behind the 4 scientists were so proud of the scientific accomplishments of the weapon (it seemed as if something ground breaking/ never before done had occured with this nuke) and they began to clap and soon the whole room was clapping for the scientific acheivement of it all and I was like, “What!? Don’t they know Iran is going to try and destroy Israel with this!?” I began hoping that Israel will assainate the scientists for what they had done and sure enough the 2nd scientist was shot in the middle of the forehead. The crowd gasped and then the 3rd and 4th were shot. Lastly, the 1st scientist, the blonde man, was shot and killed. I looked and saw where the shots had come from and saw the representatives from Israel in the back right hand corner balcony (they were the only nation that had a balcony). I walked uo to where they were and saw then clapping and dancing and I danced, too. The assasin got away secretly, unharmed and I was so pleased. When I told my dad (ex-military) about the dream, he informed me that nukes can in fact use a type of fuel (I forget the name he called it) to make them much more deadly; I didn’t know that before.


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