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Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide! – McKana

Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide!

March 15, 2022 2:48 PM

March 15, 2022


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Jeremiah 23:24 (KJV)
Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord.

We have delivered many messages regarding the soon coming calamities in the East coast, West coast and in the middle of the continent of North America. The messages we were give through time, we have delivered in time. The fragmented messages, speaking the same thing, most of which will come from one big events need to be organized. That is what we have been doing the last few weeks.
Yes, there is nowhere to run, there nowhere to hid from the hands of Almighty God. The judgments are for all, no one in this world is immune to what is coming. The sinful word, which have angered the Lord beyond human imagination, is being judged. The severity might differ but the whole earth is under the judgment of the Lord. The earth is going to be shaken like a little tennis ball in the palm of a strong man. That is what I have seen and I have shared this in this site.

This specific section of the testimony gives few accounts of what is destined for the Midwest.

I. The mudslide from the North!
(vision of early 2013)

I live in the Midwest, the administrative capitol of the land of the great lakes. In this dream-vision, to the right, I see my neighbor next door. We are in our townhouses but it looks we are in separate shanty houses where the roof is the sky and the walls are wood like the huts of a camp. From the north, a huge landslide comes like a gushing flood. It is hill size mudslide where the mud the boulders and the mess is coming fast to burry us. No strong built house can stand this mudslide. It is coming from a long distance from the North. It was so terrifying, I screamed saying “Jesus!!!” The heaves and the earth must have hear the loud scream. In that moment, the Lord lifted me up in to the air and landed me in the middle of an open field where the ground is wet.
Wet ground like fertile ground, lifted to safety.

II. The Earth cracked open!
(Vision of late 2014)

In the small town I lived some 20 miles to the south of Lansing MI, between late 2014 and 2018, I have seen many visions, dreams revelations and miracles. The Lord reveled many wonderful messages and was talking to me close like a person is close to a friend.
In this vision, I see a big, I mean big earthquake which left and cracked the land from North to south. This crack is behind our house, just close. I came out to see what it is and found out that the land is cracked, opened up and the truncated land has formed a valley, the land lifted up and sunk down, cliff like small canyons are formed. I see fresh brown ground from the cracks. It shaking didn’t form one big straight valley but lifted the land up, sunk down, moved to the left and to the right, what a mess. I looked to the south, what I saw is the lake of the gulf cost. I am on a high up ground, looking down, the land which opened up has reached the gulf of Mexico. As I understood it, these is part of the New Madrid Faultline opening up.

What I saw is a complete devastation. There are no mountains around, the plainland transformed into a valley, the earth broken, cracked and truncated landscape.

III Big earthquake-The land is moved and the mountains collapsed.
(Revelation of January 30, 2020 12:35 AM)

We are in the neighborhood, some place I think I know, our office area. I am coming out from a big house, business, office, not clear. There is some construction going on, I see the ground, the street getting fresh gravel and concrete. I am facing east. From my left side, behind me by the side of the business office comes a white van. The van is moving and pushing the ground like a carpet, only the surfaces of the ground is moving. Just in front of us, there is a big house. From my right side and behind the business/office, I see a big grader (The destroyer). It looks a strong person is doing construction work. The grader started moving the ground like a carpet. The grader is moving the house sliding it on the ground. So far, I have no idea of what is going on. The van and the grader from both sides and bind the house are moving and sliding everything forward. I see the house in front of me move together with the surface of the ground without collapsing.

Then, I hear some strange rumbling, frightening too. I looked back to the west, the rugged hills, chain of mountains, short green trees and bushes, green and gray. I see the whole span of the area to the west, from north to south. The whole area, big, wide mountainous and hills is sinking and collapsing down. I see the whole earth sinking down. I knew no one can survive this. Now, I am a little further from the two houses. I see my brother I love, a little far from me. I ran to him and hugged him strongly to die together. It is better this way, to die together and hugged him strongly.

There are few scared people around. The storm of dust, debris covered us. We are almost going to be buried. The land is covers like a cloud by the debris and mess from the collapsing, sinking earth behind us. We are totally covered. My brother ran very fast to the east, out of my hand. When he was facing me, he was seeing what is coming behind me. He saw the magnitude of the danger and ran so fast, I was not able to see him any more. He is gone away. I am screaming loud for my brother calling his name. Form my back came some water, I don’t know hot water, together with the dust and debris and started pouring over us. That is the end, we are going to get buried and die. Before we are buried dead, from my own scream for my brother, I woke up. I woke up and wrote what I saw. I couldn’t sleep back again for a while.

I was not aware of what has happened to the rest of the world at that moment. What has happened was, sudden, unexpected, in a day light where life looks very normal.

This is the big one. This is a big earthquake where the land is moved and the earth, the mountains collapsed. I didn’t feel pain from whatever happened to us but death was right in front of us, a moment away. The big one, the feared one is coming. It is coming. It is near. This is the judgment coming soon.

The small van is a small earthquake.
The grader is the big quake
The collapse of the mountainous terrain is the major, the feared one.

IV. The Terrifying storm of flood.
(Deam of Otober 12, 2020 12:30AM)

This is so real. I am in shock. I lived what looks like a real deadly storm. I slept at 11:00PM, within an hour and half, I am in a deadly storm of flood.

We are in a rugged mountainous region. The place I live, Midwest doesn’t have that kind of terrain. It is mountainous, much rugged and sort of downhill from the ranges of many mountains, not continuous. We are with groups of people, some friends who live where I am.

First, we saw flood coming from the North of where we are, in the middle of a mountainous region, not a town or a city. What are we doing here? The flood started as small flow of shallow water from uphill. Everything started happening suddenly and fast, very frightening. We saw the flood coming, thinking it is small we looked uphill. A gust of many fast moving flood/storm is jumping over the mountains and rushing towards us. We don’t know which way to run, east or west. Seeing it is covering half of the eastern part of mountains, looking up, we found some area where the flood is less or didn’t start galloping over. We ran to the west, fast in fear and desperation. We are many now, every one is running for their dear life. I screamed loud saying “To the west, to the west, to a high ground, fear not, fear not!” and kept running as fast as we can. The flood is almost to run us over. It has already covered the whole region behind us. We are running towards the west, to a higher ground. We encountered a steep hill, the land is soft and it started crumbling over us. We grabbed the crumbling ground and the stem of a broken dry trees, almost sliding, falling back and went up the small elevated dune like hill. Now, the flood is all over around us from all sides. The small hill is the only safe place we are standing.
Then, we looked downhill and saw fire from the ground flowing up like fountain and something is coming from the sky too. Gloomy frightening environment where life is in real calamity and extrem danger. I am wondering where all this is coming from. It must have been an earthquake which we didn’t feel, big earthquake from way up north. The sea, the ocean looks pouring over the land. It is a tsunami! Where are we? It feels that this is a global cataclysmic event. It sounds and feels it is the End of the World. It feels so real, I am living it. I felt we are done in the middle of nowhere, swallowed with the storm of big flood. I didn’t know I am in a dream.

Without knowing how, we came out of it. I am running up North in a narrow street with bushes and trees left and right. My friend is in front of me, he ran fast, way far from me. We are trying my cellphone to operate. I have difficulty and my friend inserted it into a big leather cover and started operating it like a radio. We are in a safe place, in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, a place strange and unknown.

I woke up from this sudden shock and wrote what I saw right at the moment.

All what the Lord has been showing us is coming to pass, it sounds it is so close.

Years earlier, I have seen much flood, flood and flood everywhere, this has came to pass.

Stay close to Jesus and endure till the end!


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