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October 22 2020 9:12 AM
Only A Grain Of Sand

October 21, 2020

Scriptural Reference:

John Chapter 6 Verses 68-70
Jesus therefore said to the twelve, “Do you wish to go away?” Simon Peter therefore answered, “Lord to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life, and we have come to believe and know that thou art the Christ, the Son of God.”

A new pandemic is advancing now, marching across the earth: Covid 21.
A new lockdown is coming to be strictly enforced, total for all.
A new world-wide financial system, forgiveness of all your debts, credit cards, mortgages, if you take the vaccine & mark of the beast and hand over all your private property to the beast system state.
A universal living wage guaranteed for all who comply.
This will be across the whole earth.
Do not think you can run and hide from their plans.
There is no escape or exit options for any.
All world leaders are complicit, all are on board.

If you refuse you will be marginalized, segregated, persecuted, hated, demonized, by all around you for a time. But then you will be removed from society, to the camps,their to make the final choice. Will you comply?

Hide yourself for a little while My Children. All the churches will be closed shortly, seemingly on a permanent basis, for health reasons. When they re-open it will be a one world religion headed by the false prophet, who will honor the Man of Perdition, as if he were a living god.

I ask you My Children…Do You Wish To Go Away? My Arms await your answer? If you leave My Embrace, you will fall into utter darkness like Lucifer, as he fell from grace, forever, when he said “I Will Not Serve!”

First America will fall: revolution, civil war, war with other countries, invasion in succession. When the USD collapses, the other world economies will follow like dominoes.

It is too late to flee your country. Do not think you can run to the islands, your former tax shelters of the past, for the islands will sink like stones. I AM will send a rock. It will also swallow parts of both coasts and the gulf coast. You are hemmed in now, to receive Judgment, from My Hands.

Judgment, because I AM hears a far cry, never-ending from your soil, a blood soaked earth, that comes all the way up to My Throne. It is the wail of My lost Children, by public and legally sanctioned murder, now world-wide: ABORTION!

Next Europe will experience revolution, starting in France and spreading to Italy, England…murder, chaos, destruction, war, invasion from the Brown Bear and the people of the Crescent (entering through Albania, Malta, Italy, Spain), and the sleeper cell immigrants, strategically placed in every country in Western Europe by your masters. The same cells situation applies to America and Canada.

Gather your loved ones and make a plan, talk openly, prepare your hearts and minds, your souls to face the Global Shift. For the time is now spent to guess, to hesitate, to scoff, to laugh at these words, to mock and deny them. The changes are here, they are not even around the corner, they are staring you right in the face! Do not pretend it is not happening, or is a future possibility. The usage of the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’, will soon disappear forever, as your stomachs churn and your bowels release/can not be contained. You will no longer be continent.

For all will roll out and proceed, it can no longer be stopped or stalled by prayer intercession. For you refuse to Repent, your sins have not ceased, but accelerated to a crescendo of “I Will Not Serve.” So Be It! Selah!

A Note To All Men Who Are Fathers, Husbands, Pastors, Community Leaders Who Follow Jesus Christ Son Of The Most High Almighty God

1. Put on the full Armor Of God everyday: Ephesians Chapter 6 Verses 10-19

2. Play the man, get some backbone, assume the position, take control now, step up to the plate, pull up your socks, take up your God given spiritual leadership in your families, with your spouses, children, neighbors, friends, enemies.

3. Clean house and property of all that is not of God, or willing to know, love and serve Him.

4. Pray with your family everyday. Read the Bible with your family everyday, and discuss the reality of the present situation openly, telling your loved ones: “As For Me And My House We Will Serve God.”

5. I AM will call you to account very soon for you actions in this God given covenant with the sons and daughters, the day you stand before The Eternal God!

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