Now is the time – Asha B

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Now is the time

August 16, 2023 5:40 PM
Asha B

Message received 16/08/2023

Listen to my word, for all I speak is spirit and is truth. I have set the course of all that is now about to take place on this earth. I have foretold it in my words and all is now in place.

What you are witnessing now on the earth is the downfall of all empires of the world. All shall fall, for there has been none that has been faithful to me. They have all been at fault, all based on the lies of all the evil doers of the world. All empires of this world have turned their backs against me. All empires of this world have destroyed my people to this day.

I am now ready to take back all I have put in their hands, for it is I who have entrusted all things to them. Not one has served me, for there is no man, no government of this world capable of serving me in spirit and in truth. That is why the kingdoms of this world are now ready to fall and what a mighty fall it shall be.

I have now put in place all that shall now take place. I have allowed the evil doers to run amok, to go astray with their own evil devices, for it is their devices that shall bring about the end of all things. They shall destroy themselves and not know it. Thinking they will continue to kill, destroy and oppress my people. Little will they know that my people will step into my blessed kingdom never to die again. Yet their kingdoms and plans for a greater kingdom shall perish and fall, together with them. Many who follow them shall also fall and be destroyed in the pits of despair and there shall be none to save them.

The time has come for my kingdom to come and be put in place on this earth. In the midst of all evil on this earth my children, even all who I have chosen at this time, shall stand up in their places and shall preach the kingdom that I have brought to them.

You shall all declare my name and my kingdom to the four corners of the earth and none shall be ashamed.

You shall declare the greatness of your king and none shall stand in your way.

You shall declare all I put into your mouth, you shall shout it from the rooftops and none shall stop you.

I shall have my kingdom declared on the earth. All men shall hear and none shall say on that dreadful and mighty day, I was not told of the kingdom that the Almighty Father has offered so freely to me. They shall have no excuse.

All who hear and respond to my call shall be saved, even the evil doers shall have an opportunity to respond to my call. But they are filled with evil and all evil devices that they shall not be moved, apart from moving to seek the lives of my children.

Now is the time that I shall put all in place. The evil doers are now ready to continue with their next phase and I shall make their pains more sorrowful upon them and all who follow them. I shall wipe out towns and cities at their hands. I shall destroy mightily at their hands. They have created these evil devices and now is the time for them to be put to use. At their own hands they shall destroy their own kingdoms. At their hands they shall cause their own destruction.

It is time. My children shall now come up to me, for there are many who must now be saved. I will use my great vessels to do my works and none shall move his tongue against the other, for you shall all stand and speak as one.

I am now ready. The time has come. Gird your loins. I am now at hand.

Your loving Father.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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