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“Notre Dame” & “Bashan”

September 26, 2022 1:59 AM
Averine Pennington


0n Saturday morning, September 17, 2022, I was awakened hearing – “Notre Dame” followed by the word “Bashan.” I immediately glanced at my digital clock which showed the time as 7:17am.
Now as much as I love solving puzzles, after researching these two topics for over a week I have been unable to come to a definitive conclusion. I have found no connection between the two words, so they are possibly two separate puzzle pieces. I am convinced, however, that these words are very important. The time on my clock when I was awakened immediately caught my attention as I have been shown the number 717 many times. In the Strong’s Concordance the Hebrew meaning is ‘to pluck, gather.’ This alone leads me to think that what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me, may have something to do with the ‘catching away’ of the ‘First-fruits harvest.’

What I share now is entirely speculation on my part, but I believe it is worthy of consideration as I have in the past read rhema words given by other prophets that could very well support this conclusion. Sometime while doing research, you just have a gut feeling that you are on to something, and other times you know you are bogged down in totally irrelevant information. Puzzle solving for me is a sorting process that must be worked through while searching for puzzle pieces that fit. The TIME on my clock gave me a starting point. Because the upcoming fall feasts are a high watch timeframe, I started looking at past prophetic words about fall.

At first, I thought “Notre Dame” might have something to do with the football team of Notre Dame University, as they were playing a game that very day! The Lord knows I hate football, but I did ask my hubby about the game. Nothing seemed to stand out to me, so I had to toss that idea out! Then, while listening to a message given by God’s Handmaiden YT channel, posted on April 17, 2019 (“Before Noon By the New Moon”), Sister Mary mentioned the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire that had happened two days previously in Paris. Holy Spirit pricked my heart . . . I was on to something! I spent hours reading about the Cathedral and all the news relating to the fire. I came to the conclusion that this fire was somehow a time marker on God’s end-time calendar of events. I just had to figure out where this puzzle piece fit.

Now aside from all this, I have been fascinated by several prophetic words that allude to something significant happening on “the EIGHTH.” Two prophets that come to mind who mention REPEATEDLY this phrase are Edward Umbling and Jezreel (find her posts on this site). I do not believe the eighth refers to a particular calendar date, but rather a specific DAY! Now, while working on the current puzzle piece, I am looking at the fall feasts. There is a very special day at the end of the fall feasts that is referred to as THE EIGHTH DAY! This year THE EIGHTH DAY falls from the evening of October 18th up to the evening of October 19th. Keep that date in mind.

On Sunday, 9-25-22, I was doing some more research regarding Notre Dame, and I discovered that a movie mini-series has been made about the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire. It is set to premiere on Netflix on . . . wait for it . . . October 19th, 2022. Could this possibly be why the Holy Spirit gave me the clue “Notre Dame”? It is the title of the movie which happens to premiere on THE EIGHTH DAY.

As previously mentioned, having found no connection between the two words, I am assuming they are unrelated. I know everyone’s time is precious right now, so I will not share all the research I have done on Bashan. You may search that on your own. Just briefly, Bashan refers to the northernmost region of the Transjordan, situated in what is now modern-day Syria. Its western part, now known as the Golan Heights, was captured by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War and annexed in 1981.

These facts, however, are not what stood out to me about this word. What seemed more significant was Bashan’s mention in the Old Testament. You can read the story of King Og of Bashan who came out against the Israelites led by Moses at the time of their entrance into the Promised Land. King Og was described as ‘the remnant of the Rephaim,’ who were a people known to be fierce fighting GIANTS. Moses even takes the time to describe King Og’s bed . . . made of iron and 13.5 feet long by 6 ft. wide! This mighty king was vanquished by the Israelites because God was on their side. King Og’s territories were on the eastern side of the Jordan and included the area known as Gilead which was inherited by the half tribe of Manasseh.
I would like to share why I think I received this word from the Holy Spirit. I have had dreams of fighting battles with giants. Folks, the giants are returning! Don’t ask me how . . . only God knows! Jesus was not kidding when He said the end-times will be ‘as the days of Noah.’ Some of God’s end-time army will be tasked with defeating these giants. I think this word is to encourage His warriors that NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR OUR GOD! The defeat of King Og of Bashan is a reminder of God’s mighty power and His steadfast love for His people. I invite you to read Psalm 136:17-26 which again reminds us of the wondrous works of our God . . . from leading the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt to defeating kings that they may enter into His Promised Land. We serve the same God. He will help us defeat EVERY FOE . . . even giants . . . and lead us into OUR PROMISED LAND! “O give thanks unto the God of heaven, for His mercy endureth forever.”

Brothers and sisters, please pray about these words. What I have shared here are my thoughts as to how these two puzzle pieces may possibly fit into the end-time events now on our doorstep. I am by no means a date setter. God’s timetable is a mystery that He will allow to unfold at His appointed time. Our responsibility is to BE READY whenever He is READY! Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth. If you think this information is irrelevant, feel free to toss it out. I know without a doubt I HEARD the Words “Notre Dame” & “Bashan”. . . they are true. I would be an unfaithful messenger if I failed to give you what the Lord has given to me. The meaning of these words is open to the interpretation of the Holy Spirit. Should you be given a different understanding of these Words, please do share on this site. I certainly do not have all the answers, but I am intimately acquainted with the One who does! I can’t wait till I sit down at His feet, and perhaps we’ll laugh together over all my feeble attempts to understand His elaborate Master Plan. Until I see you there . . . Stay close to Jesus!

Harvest Is Here!

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