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Nothing New Under The Sun

January 19, 2023 3:14 AM

January 19, 2023, at 12:25pm

Child, My precious daughter, I love you. The world will soon be different, the day of My return is at hand, but many of My children are not ready.

The calm you see now is only temporary, soon a great storm will roll in, and many of My children will be caught off guard. In order for more souls to return to Me, I must allow these disasters to occur so that the inhabitants of the earth will know that they cannot survive these calamities without Me.

I do not want to see people I have created in My image and likeness enter into the eternal fires of hell, I must allow this to happen in order to soften their hardened hearts, and to turn them away from the broad road that leads to destruction and back to the narrow path that leads to Me.

The three days of darkness are fast approaching, I have sent many messengers, prophets, and watchmen to warn you, but many have not heeded them, thinking that this is only an event that happened in the book of Exodus. O foolish people, have I not said in My Word that there is nothing new under the sun, and that what has happened before will happen again?

(Ecclesiastes1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun.)

Do not take it lightly, but humble yourselves before Me, seeking Me and My will. The first thing you must do when the brilliant and colorful aurora appears in the sky is——go home (I clearly heard the tone of voice being heightened, a tone of stern command).

Wherever you are at that moment, whatever you are doing at that moment, stop what you are doing, drop everything you have in your hands, and go home immediately!

When you get home, immediately close all the doors and windows, and lock them, close your light-proof curtains, and use the tape to tightly tape around the light-proof curtains, and carefully check whether there are any gaps that allow light to flow in freely; if you do not have light-proof curtains, cover all your windows with black fabric or other light-proof material.

At the moment of darkness falling, set your clocks, not your cell phones or electronic clocks, but mechanical clocks set by hand, because there will be no electricity during the 3 days of darkness. Counting 3 days – 72 hours from the time you set, and during these 3 days – 72 hours, Never open any doors or windows, Never try to look through the windows to see what is happening outside, because what is happening outside is more than your hearts can bear; when you open the doors or windows, even if it is just a crack, it is an invitation to make the evil entities outside to enter into your houses.

Do not worry about your loved ones, children and pets, I will gather your loved ones who you have told about the darkness for 3 days into your houses, unless they reject My leading. During these 3 days, you are to watch over your children, do not allow them to come near the doors or windows, and your eyes are to be on them at all times.

My angels will encamp around your houses and guard them so that no evil entity can force its way in. You need to gather with your loved ones and children to read My words and pray to Me. During these 3 days, I will personally visit each and everyone who does not yet know Me and accept Me, giving each of them a chance to come to know Me and accept Me.

To those who are already My children and have cleansed their clothes with the blood of Me, Jesus of Nazareth, the Word came in the flesh, there will be My angels ministering to you in your houses. There will be light in your houses, just as there was light in the houses of My people of Israel during the three days of darkness.

Make sure that the three days of darkness are completely over before you can open the curtains, open the doors and windows, but by then the world before your eyes will have been completely changed.

Children, if you are reading this and fear appears in your hearts, even if it is just a slight, momentary fear, it means that you are not ready and that you still do not have a real intimate relationship with Me, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this would be very dangerous for you.

Before it is too late, while I can still be found, come to Me now, to seek Me, spend time with Me, listen to My still, small voice, understand My will and instructions for your life, and follow them.

Always be alert, pray, examine yourselves, repent of your sins, turn from your ways, and give all to Me, so that I may truly be the Lord, the only Lord of your life and everything.

Time is really running out, come now, do not delay, and allow Me to be your refuge, your protector, and your provider in all that is coming, for I Am, I Am all that you need.

Get ready My children, I Am already at the door.

Your Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ of Nazareth


Please take all to the Lord in prayer.

Shalom and blessings,

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