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October 13, 2021 10:01 AM
Prophetic Nurse


I wish to share a real-life experience that happened on Friday March 19, 2021. How the Lord Himself intervened on a situation and used my daughter and I to stop a longtime friend from getting the “death jab juice.”

I received a text message (around 3pm) from a friend of mines brother who invited us (me and my children) out to celebrate his wife’s birthday. The gathering was to start at 7pm but I originally declined. This was a very last-minute notification; it was my off day “me time” and did not want to spend unplanned money, plus I had to work a 14 hour shift the next day.

A few hours later, my daughter (who is 14) called me when she got home from school and said the Lord spoke to her. He said, “For us to go out and have fun but do not stay out too late. And not to worry about the money because we really need to go.” I was still reluctant but I had to obey what the Lord wanted me to do. When we arrived at the entertainment/miniature golf venue, to my surprise the games were already paid for, I only had to purchase food. While I was concerned about not having enough, God had already supplied the need and my provision were there waiting.

Psalm 132:15 KJV I will abundantly bless her provision: I will satisfy her poor with bread.

As the night went on, we were having a good time conversing and more people began to show up. All the kids were hanging out with each other having fun. I’ve known this particular friend and her family for over 20 years. Lately, we have not spoken except an occasional text. Life is busy with kids, family, work, school etc. Some people were in town visiting came to join us that I have not seen in almost 10-15 years. I am still unaware of why the Lord had us come and 10pm is approaching. Throughout the night, I text my daughter asking what God is saying. All she kept saying was to, “wait until He tells us to go home.” 10pm comes and goes, now the time is after 11pm and I am getting restless.

Moments later the adult conversation switches to the “vaccine” topic and now my ears have perked up. I start to feel this churning/quickening in my spirit. The chatter was very loud because of the music playing but I hear loud and clear. I heard my friend of 20+ years say, “I have an appointment to get vaccinated in the morning. I am kind of reluctant because it is not FDA APPROVED.”

I felt the Holy Ghost chills down to my bones at that moment. It was as if something on the inside of me began to stir. I could not believe what I just heard. I honestly assumed she knew and was “woke” but many, many born-again believers are lulled to sleep still. After this, my daughter came swiftly over to where I was sitting and asked, “Did I hear what she said? This is why the Lord wanted you to be here. Now we can go home.”

By this time, it is almost midnight and my thoughts are all over the place. I did not want to come off as a lunatic and approach my friend in the wrong manner.

James 1:19 KJV
Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

As we left the venue to go home, I began to pray and ask the Lord for forgiveness for being impatient; truly His ways are higher. And how I can warn my friend into not taking the “jab.” Once I got in my car, I sat there a few moments. It was no longer about me, about how much sleep I needed before work but about helping to save someone’s soul. I decided to send her a text message but not right away. I simply decided to schedule it to be sent around 9am the next morning. Knowing how important this text would be, I looked 3x times to make sure it was set for the right contact/number. I’m sure we have all experienced texting the wrong person before. Even though I did not know what time her “vaccine” appointment, I know my friend is not an early bird. But I was determined to be diligent about informing her.

Before going to bed, I prayed fervently that my dear friend would not be deceived. The next morning while I am at work, I am pleading for God’s mercy and intervention. Even between seeing patients at the clinic, I continued to pray. Around 11am, I still had not heard from my friend and checked my phone to see if the text was sent. When I looked, the text got switched and went to her old number.

**Believe it or not, this was not the first time this happened to me. One morning, I was trying to text my mother and remind her to get on the prayer call. The text failed more than 5 times to transmit. I even reset and powered my phone off then on to make sure everything was okay. 15 minutes later, the text successfully went through. It was revealed to me 2 days later that the devil had tried block the text to my mother. Satan will try anything to keep us from praying. Our prayers definitely have POWER!**

I sent the text to my friend again but did not hear from her until after 1pm. She finally texts my backed after 2pm and confirmed she received the text. She said, “I knew this had to been God keeping me from going to get the vaccine. I overslept, I’m just not waking up and saw your text message.”

I had a crazy HALLELUJAH at that moment and a big sigh of relief. The God we serve is bigger and answers prayers by faith.


Proverbs 15:3 KJV
The eyes of the LORD are in every place, Beholding the evil and the good.

Job 34:21 KJV
For his eyes are upon the ways of man, And he seeth all his goings.

Psalm 23: 1,3 KJV
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

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