Northern Lights Dream – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Northern Lights Dream

May 14, 2024 1:20 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I had this dream about 4 weeks ago. I remember because it was about 2 1/2- 3 weeks before May 10th when auroras began happening worldwide (though not yet not seen throughout the entire world, as in all countries.) In this dream, I walked outside of my home, from the front door which faces south. I live in South Carolina. As I went down my front steps looking at the southern sky, I saw the moon as a full moon, humongous and pink. The moon was larger than I’ve ever seen it in real life, just massive, and it was a brilliant light pink color. Colorful lights surrounded it, like neon type lights in colors, almost like water colors painted around it. The moon was not only unnaturally large, but it was also super low as almost coming near to the level of the horizon. This obviously got my attention in the dream, so I was gazing up at this scene. I then noticed, very small and a little off to the right side of the moon from my vantage point, a very small display of squiggly neon green lights, which I knew in the dream were aurora lights (though they did not look like the classic typical aurora dancing lights). So when I saw this in my dream I wondered if this was the start of the 48 hour warning sign (48 hours of worldwide aurora lights) before the 3 Days of Darkness descends. In the dream I thought to call my relatives in Oklahoma to see if the auroras were there, too, as this might be confirmation. So I called up my Mema (97 year old grandmother) in Oklahoma in the dream and mentioned the auroras. She said they had seen the lights all over Oklahoma and had for many days. I then wondered if I should tell her the prophecy about the dancing lights seen worldwide that come before the 3 Days of Darkness, but decided not to as it wasn’t confirmed yet if this was the start of the 48 hour countdown and also because my Mema has severely reduced short term memory (due to age and the CV shots that we were warned not to take) and also knowing that although she is a firm Believer, Mema can be very stubborn and I wondered if she would listen, anyway. So I decided to get off the phone with my grandma and call my oldest son, John, who is married with a baby. I have warned John and the rest of my family in real life about the 3 DOD for the past 3-4 years. As I was calling my son in the dream, I told him about the aurora I was seeing and about those in Oklahoma, but told him I wasn’t sure if this was the beginning of the official 48 hour countdown (that was yet to be determined). I did tell him that this was the first time auroras had ever been seen in South Carolina, in our history. Then the dream ended.


1. Though I have been diligently watching the skies above my house since Friday afternoon (May 10), I have not seen any auroras as of yet.

2. I immediately prepped my home for the 3 DOD after carefully watching reports of which states and countries were spotting the auroras around the world. I stayed up all night to watch these reports and started cataloging which countries could be checked off. So in obedience to the word from GOD, all day Saturday (May 11) was spent putting up our last minute preps (our other preps have been in place for months).

3. Please read the true account of Noah and the flood. Pay careful attention to what happened after he finished the ark and the LORD told him to get into the ark. How many days transpired after GOD told him to gather his family and all the animals into the ark BEFORE the flood started? Was it immediate? As Noah waited day after day after day after day after day after day after day…what did he do? Did he lose faith and doubt the LORD’s judgment warning? Did he step off the ark even once? No. He waited and watched for GOD to perform HIS word.

4. Please read the true account of Elijah and what he did after the epic showdown with the false prophets of baal at Mount Carmel. After Elijah prophesied that rain would come to the drought-ridden land that had seen no rain for years, what did he do? Where did he go to be alone with the LORD? What was his attitude? And as he waited for the LORD to perform HIS word and send the promised rain, what did he do? When he sent his servant down the mountain to go walk out to the sea and check the skies for signs of rain, how did Elijah react when his servant came back and said absolutely no sign of rain was there? Did he lose faith? Did he waiver? No. He stayed right there on top of the mountain, bowed down before the LORD, praying, waiting and watching for the LORD to perform HIS word. And a second time, after more time had passed, Elijah called out to his servant and told him to walk all the way down the mountain and walk all the way out to the sea and search the skies above to see if there were any signs yet. No signs. Okay, so his servant had to the walk all the way back to the mountain, climb up it again, and give his news that there was NO news! Again and again and again and again and again this played out. 7 times! Man! That poor servant must have had amazing leg muscles! I bet his quads were burning by the end of the day! But during all this time, what did the prophet do? Did he get up? Did he leave his post? Did he feel dumb? Did he go home or lose faith? No. No, he did not. He did what prophets do–he waited and watched. He waited and watched for the LORD to perform HIS word.

People of GOD, wait and watch. Learn the art of waiting and watching instead of doing so much talking. Seek the LORD and pray about all these things. Ask HIM to reveal HIS truth to you.
Get alone with the LORD JESUS CHRIST, abiding in HIM~

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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