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Normal is not coming back JESUS is – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS


Normal is not coming back JESUS is

June 18, 2022 4:50 AM

Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 11:33

“My precious daughter, come to Me, sit quietly at My feet and listen to what I Am speaking to you.

Daughter, My heart is so grief that this world, which I created with My love and grace, has turned away from Me; that the people I created in My image and likeness have chosen a world that is dominated by the evil one, and have chosen to go after the god of this world——the devil, who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

They listen to the lies of the devil and give in to the pressure exerted on them by his servants; they fear the one who can only kill their physical bodies, but not the One who can throw their bodies and souls into hell, their Creator; they believe in governments controlled by Satan and his minions, and in the lies invented by the so-called scientists who are to harm and destroy their bodies and then their souls, but they do not believe in Me, the Lord of heaven and earth who formed their bodies in their mother’s womb and breath the life into them.

My children, open your eyes to see what is happening around you; take off your hands over your ears to hear what this world sounds like.

Your governments are taking away your freedom little by little through the so-called pandemic, controlling every aspect of your lives more and more every day. They want you to have absolutely no privacy, no anything that is personal to yourselves before them; they want you to act like robots, only do what they tell you to do; they want them to be gods, to decide who can live and who must die; they want to control this world, and everything you have.

Those seeds of Satan are in control of the nations of this earth, they weave drowsy lies for those who pursue this world with lies from the pit of hell; they enthusiastically promoted their so-called solutions to the pandemic, deceive with one contradictory lie after another to those who do not know Me and do not come to seek Me, Jesus Christ who came in the flesh; they do everything in their power to suppress the dissenting, and persecute My children who steadfastly hold on to My truth and refused to submit to their despotic.

My slumber children, do you still believe that this world will go back to the old days? Do you still believe that it will be many more years before the return of your Lord and Savior, the Son of the Most High God, who was crucified for you, buried and raised from the dead three days later?

I tell you, your old days are gone and no more, My return is near, and My feet will soon be in the door.

Do you know Me? Have you prepared yourselves for My return? Have you put your house in order? If I were to come to take My bride right now, will you be the one that I have longed for day and night, wearing a white wedding dress, without any stain or blemish?

My beloved children, come to Me, come now, without delay or hesitation, but immediately lay aside everything you love and pursue that belongs to this world to come to Me, confess your sins, repent and sin no more; spend time daily to read My words I have given you, meditate on them, and ask My Holy Spirit to teach you for what you cannot understand; spend time each day being quiet in My presence, listening to My still, small voice, and enjoying the intimate time with Me alone.

I Am the Lover of your soul and everything you need. I look at you with compassion every morning you wake up, waiting for you to call on My name the moment you wake up, to tell Me how much you love Me, to tell Me that you are willing to give up everything for Me, just to please Me, to become a person who truly lives for Me and after My own heart.

Whenever you are busy, I Am quietly by your side, waiting for you to drop everything you are doing, to sit down and talk to Me, to tell Me your needs, to share your joys and sorrows, and then to give it all to Me so that I may be your comfort, your help, your strength.

Before you go to sleep each night, I will hold you in My arms and wait for you to tell Me how you have spent the day I have given you, to tell Me that you thank Me and praise Me for keeping watch over you during this day, and for the peace and protection I have given you during your sleep.

My beloved children, you are who I long for, I long to have an intimate relationship with each one of you; I long to help you, protect you, and cover you under the shadow of My mighty wings; I long for each one of you who were created in My image and likeness to come into My kingdom, be with My Father and with Me for eternity; I long for the day when I will say to each and every one of you that’You good and faithful servant, come in and enjoy the joy of your Lord’.

Do not wait, do not delay, come now, for many of you no longer have tomorrow, none of you are guaranteed tomorrow, all you have is today, now, this moment!

Your soon coming King——King of kings and Lord of lords

Jesus of Nazareth, who came in the flesh”

Please take everything to the Lord in prayer

God richly Bless,



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