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NO WHERE TO RUN – Mike Allen



September 11, 2021  5:05 PM
Mike Allen

This dream is from several years back. It is playing out now. I am 46 and if I can recall, I saw this while in my 20’s.

God took me up into the air to show me this as like from the view of a high flying bird. I saw the dust on the ground rise as if the wind was sweeping it up. It went like a swarm of locusts. The air was darkened by it and it went from place to place like bees move about. When it descended on something of importance, it became as a swift wind as it blew upon the object. The object would begin to disintegrate like you see on some shows or movies where the thing there seems to blow away into nothing and nothing remains. When this happened, the people around would take notice and seem slightly alarmed. After only a moment the people would loose interest and resume whatever they were doing. I watched this series of events happening over and over as the dust moved from place to place. When everything it sought to destroy was complete, it then turned on all the people at once. At this time when the people’s took notice and fear came upon them, they all tried to run away. There was no place that was out of reach to retreat to. At this point I saw a large building like a city building maybe 10 or more stories tall. This building was made of earth. It’s color and texture was like a dirt dobbers nest. All the multitude ran into and began filling this building, believing they were safe from harm there. It was a trap to ensnare them all. The dust in the wind began at the top floor and worked its way down floor by floor. It blew ferociously disintegrating all layer by layer. God showed me a long line of brand new heavy earthmoving equipment like Caterpillar scrapers. They were running, warmed up and ready to work. As I looked on, there were no operators to be found. The dust started at the back end to blow upon the equipment and destroying them. I then ran and jumped on one and sped off. The last thing I saw as all the people that trusted the safety of the building we’re being destroyed, was a bright light appear just ahead of me. I was on the ground trying to stay out of sight from the blowing dust. I took a mad dash out into the open for the light. The dust broke off from the building destruction and came sharply at me. I entered the light and was safe. I then awoke.


The dust was destructive forces both natural and spiritual. We have all been watching our rights and liberties being diminished before our eyes and have hardly blinked. First one thing, then another, til we have nothing left of what we had. All this we see happening now was planned and positioned for to bring all under subjection. There is no place on earth to get away because all governments have turned on their people. They have all given over to the beast and the common agenda. People have put all their trust in the vaccine instead of trusting fully in God alone. The vaccine is the earthen building they ran to for safety. It will bring them destruction. The equipment is the true earthmoving ministries that God has provided, but sadly no workers want to take them up and work.

Pray that God will cause his chosen to rise up and take the reins for they can move the earth in them!

The bright light that appeared ahead of me that I ran into was Gods protection for his people. Nothing could reach or harm us in his light.

Mike Allen


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