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No Warning! – Lynne Johnson

No Warning!

February 15, 2022 12:20 PM
Lynne Johnson

Word (1) received January 1st, 2022 at 9:18 PM

Your King Yeshuya would like you to know to understand that soon all will change. It will happen swiftly, there will be no warning and suddenly your world will be completely different. You must be ready for this time of incredible pain, loss, destruction and anguish. It will be like nothing that you have experience before. It will be for many, bewildering as one moment your world was one way and then the next it was completely changed. It will never be the same again, as you will now know, understand that this is indeed the time of the End, the Time of Sorrows. You must push through this by staying strong spiritually by being in MY Word and praying to ME daily. By storing food and water as you are able. Understand that you must live on this food for you will not be able to buy food once the judgments begin. What food there is will be so expensive that most people will not be able to purchase it. MY children the destruction will be unmeasurable; land, crops will be destroyed, jobs lost, skilled labor gone. This is a very difficult time. Add to this, the Great Deception comes. If you are not truly grounded in MY Word, praying to ME every day, you stand a strong chance of falling to the immense pressure of the Beast System. The deception will be great, MY Children. Be prepared MY Children, for it is coming soon.



DEUTERONOMY 32:34 nkjv
“They shall be wasted with hunger,
Devoured by pestilence and bitter destruction;
I will also send against them the teeth of beasts, With the poison of serpents of the dust.”

JOB 5:21-22 nkjv
“You shall be hidden from the scourge of the tongue, And you shall not be afraid of destruction when it comes You shall laugh at destruction and famine, And you shall not be afraid of the beasts of the earth.”

JOB 18:12 nkjv
“His strength is starved,
And destruction is ready at his side.”

JOB 28:22 nkjv
“Destruction and Death say,
‘We have heard a report about it with our ears.”

JOB 30:12 nkjv
“At my right hand the rabble arises;
They push away my feet,
And they raise against me their ways of destruction.”

JOB 31:23 nkjv
“For destruction from God is a terror to me,
And because of His magnificence I cannot endure.”

PSALM 5:9 nkjv
“For there is no faithfulness in their mouth;
Their inward part is destruction;
Their throat is an open tomb;
They flatter with their tongue.”

PSALM 55:11 nkjv
“Destruction is in its midst; Oppression and deceit do not depart from its streets.”

PSALM 55:23 nkjv
“But You, O God, shall bring them down to the pit of destruction; Bloodthirsty and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; But I will trust in You.”

PSALM 90:3 nkjv
“You turn man to destruction,
And say, “Return, O children of men.”

PSALM 103:4 nkjv
“Who redeems your life from destruction,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,”

PROVERBS 15:11 nkjv
“Hell and Destruction are before the LORD;
So how much more the hearts of the sons of men.”

PROVERBS 17:19 nkjv
“He who loves transgression loves strife,
And he who exalts his gate seeks destruction.”

ISAIAH 1:28 nkjv
“The destruction of transgressors and of sinners shall be together, And those who forsake the LORD shall be consumed.”

ISAIAH 10:22 nkjv
“For though your people, O Israel, be as the sand of the sea, A remnant of them will return; The destruction decreed shall overflow with righteousness.”

ISAIAH 14:23 nkjv
“I will also make it a possession for the porcupine, And marshes of muddy water;
I will sweep it with the broom of destruction,” says the LORD of hosts.”

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