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No Time: For The Time Is Now!

April 15, 2020 5:37 PM

Message received 4.14.20

Darkness comes daughter – like a thief in the night. It will consume many with fear – undeniable fear. Stay close to Me. I come soon!

Many who think they are Mine are of the evil one. You MUST hear My voice – you must talk to Me throughout the day and commune with Me. I desire that you come to know Me and love Me as I love you. I loved you so much I DIED for you. I gave UP My life for love of you. My heart is heavy – for what comes upon this earth is too horrific for words.

Pray that the lost sheep of Israel may be found. Return to the fold oh sheep from whence you came! I am the ONLY way to the Father. Time IS short. Soon the door of My eternal mercy will close and where will you be? Return to Me – return to your first love. I desire for your return oh sheep!

Do not wait for tomorrow or until your situation improves because no one knows when the end of their life comes. Many will be taken by surprise when the devastation, plagues, turmoil, and destruction overtake them. By then it will be too late. No time to call out My name. No time to repent of your evil ways. No time – for the time is NOW! I roam the earth calling each one to Myself. Can you not hear Me as I stand at the door of your heart – calling, pleading, begging even? Many are too busy PLAYING CHURCH or worrying about their social status. I tell you – when you are in the fires of Gehenna, you will have ALL THE TIME you will ever need. When I visit the souls in hell their cries are unbearable – and they are lost to Me forever. FOREVER! Do you not understand children how long eternity is? This life you live on this planet is but a speck in time. Is it with the fleeting pleasures, the time wasted in trivial pursuits on your electronic gadgets – that would be better spent with Me? SOON, VERY SOON – these toys will be taken away from you. But the evil one has HIS plans and this is HIS hour. Do not fear children – turn to Me – look to Me in ALL THINGS. Call upon Me throughout your mundane day. Am I not so important that you forget about Me until trouble or disaster strikes? Then you turn to Me. Turn to Me NOW while I may be found.

I love you My children with an everlasting love. I cherish our times together. TELL THEM I AM RETURNING SOON! Do NOT be surprised at My arrival for I have warned and warned. Pray that you are found worthy to persevere TO THE END! I love you My children. I go to prepare a place for My own. I come soon! Be ready with your garments of white and your pure hearts.

I love you,

Your Lord, Savior and King who comes upon a white horse!

Look to Me in the skies!


Jesus the Christ


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