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No Protection Without Me – Brother Moses


No Protection Without Me

April 15, 2022 2:45 AM
Brother Moses

April 15,2022

Nothing shall by any means hurt you.Luke 10:19.

Words from the Lord.

Many in the world live as if their is no God. The thought of me their creator hardly enters their mind. Many say in their heart that I do not exist. Many of My children live their lives this way. Although they believe that I exist but in their daily action, thought and words they deny my existance. I the Lord not only exist, but I also sees everything that are happening in the whole universe and nothing happens without me seeing it. I the Lord fills the whole earth. The whole universe are in the palm of my hand.

Many are daily seeking for protection in a world that is evil, dark and daily decaying. The world can never protect you from the hand of my enemy whose ways leads only to death and destruction. True safety and protection comes only from Me. All those who trust in their human government for protection will always be disappionted. Those that seeks me daily, by abiding daily in the secret place of intimate relationship with their God will never be hurt by the fiery darts of the enemy.

The path of all my children that are always walking with me are full of Light. They do not stumble nor fell on the way for My light shines brightly on their paths. All those who are living their lives outside of My protective hand will always be hurt badly by the evil arrows of the enemy and will be cast to eternal hell at the end. Which is worst than the most cruel torment on earth.

The world will know that their is no true protection and safety without Me the very day I the Lord will take My bride out of these world to her true home of glory, beauty and eternal security. Great destruction shall fall upon the world and the left behind lukewarm church who love the world and live to please only their flesh more than Me.

I am still knocking at the door of many hearts, but will soon stop knocking. Stop playing with the salvation of your soul. Know these that you only have one soul and if you loose it then it will be lost forever. Sin will slay and destroy you forever! Stop serving your flesh, for the end of it is eternal destruction. Come under the shadow of My wings and be saved from the coming destruction.

Read My word more than any other book and spend quality time with Me in prayer. Pursue after intimacy with your God. The closer you are to me the stronger My protective hand upon you becomes. All those who live in the secret place of the most High will be very saved and secure from the coming destruction.


Coordinating Scriptures

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Romans 1:18-21
Hebrew 4:12-13
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Proverbs 21:31
1 Thessalonians 5:3
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Proverbs 2:8.

Brother Moses


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