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No Parachute

August 20, 2020 10:54 AM


I’m going to share a dream I had this morning (December 11, 2019) before the sun came up. I don’t know what time it was. And then, what the Lord showed me with this dream.

Okay, so I had a dream I was flying in a jet and there was another lady in another jet, or airplane, next to me. We were both flying alone in our planes and we took off fast, unexpectedly. We both lost the safety of our jets. We all of a sudden, we were not in our jets. We were just falling through the air. I saw her at first, but soon after we were both without our planes. I didn’t see her anymore. We were both being propelled through the sky and had no control over where we were going. We didn’t have a parachute. I lost sight of her. I was alone. I started to panic, but then I thought to myself, “Only what God wants for me will happen. He’s in control.” Then I just had a peace and rested in that. I didn’t understand what was going on, or what all would happen to me, I only knew that most likely I would die at the end of my fall to the ground because I was heading that way without a parachute. I was looking at what was happening around me and the consequences of that, but then I just had to rest and believe that it was happening for a reason, and that God knew why and He ultimately knew if I was going to live by some miracle, or if it was my time to go.


I wrote down that right now (in the world) we have relative peace and safety, or security, because it’s like being on the inside of the airplane and knowing that you have that barrier and protection around you. In our lives right now, we don’t have the tribulation occurring all around us, so we are relatively safe from the enemy as far as that’s concerned. Things are going to speed up though, just like we, the other pilot and I, both sped up really fast when we took off. Things are going to speed up in this life, and unexpectedly at that. We will be in that time of trouble/tribulation period. It will happen, just occur, out of the blue, and everyone will be just like me and the other pilot, hurling through it not knowing what to expect or what’s going to happen, especially toward to our own selves, just like the saved and unsaved in this world. In the dream, I was like the saved because I knew the Lord and the other lady didn’t know the Lord (so she represented the unsaved). We were both in this turmoil together. But I believe that as the Bible teaches, and as we know, if we are walking with the Lord, that we react and live our lives differently in these types of circumstances. We will feel like we have no control over circumstances (like me falling through the sky); however, God is in control. He will have us right where he needs and plans for us to be. I lost sight of the other lady from the other plane, but the other pilot was an unbeliever. She was an unbeliever that rejected God, so that shouldn’t be our focus. Rather, God, and living fully for Him should be. As well as witnessing to those that haven’t rejected him. Those should be our focus. Allowing Him to work through us and be a witness to others during the days coming. We may feel alone at times because we are in hard times and cannot see Jesus face-to-face, but He is always with us. We need to realize that we will all die someday—that we don’t live forever in these earthly bodies. It’s okay. Living and dying for Him is all that matters. It isn’t why or when we die, but how we will live our lives in-between our birth and death, how we live for Him, and how we leave this planet, that counts. We need to leave resting in Jesus and knowing Him. Knowing that whatever happens is for His will. I believed as I was falling in the dream that He could choose to save me, or that I may die. Either way, I’d be with Him in the end.

I asked about the Scriptures I should share, and He told me Isaiah 51. Then I got a few other verses that I want to share to help interpret the meaning of this dream.

God bless,

1 Thessalonians 5:1-10
Philippians 4:6 & 7
Isaiah 51
Mark 13:5-13
Nahum 1:1-7 2
Corinthians 5:9-10
Revelation 3:7-13


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