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NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE!!! – Angela García



May 8, 2022 4:11 PM
Angela García

My ways are NOT your ways, my ways are higher than you can ask, think or imagine. Choose my ways!!!

Rcv’d on Mother’s Day 5/8

Pray for discernment and understanding this hurt me to hear and write I could feel his heart break and sadness 💔

Daughter scream from the rooftops I AM the Great and there is no other God above me! Roe v. Wade shall be overturned in my name! The King above all Kings! Kill my babies NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE!!! Too much blood has been shed! Innocence has been taken away! Plans for my children on this earth never came to pass! My babies shall not die anymore, no more sacrifices of my fetus! Yes MY fetus! Not your body, not your fetus! My body so lost in the times. Look open your eyes…Do you not see the times…protesting to kill!!! How dare you shed the blood of the innocent! Blood, blood, blood shall now be shed on your hands! All you who voted and supported this movement! As I say the wheat from the tares!!! NO MORE!!! I am The Great I AM…I DO AS I PLEASE! And I AM NOT PLEASED with this land!!! So much corruption these are not my ways! No honor in this land. No longer land of the free. Open those eyes of the blind! You once were lost but now you see! Christ followers are not to accept these movements or these ways! Handle yourself with dignity! These are not my ways! Nor my thoughts!!! I AM a just God! These days are dark and getting darker as the day goes! Be not dismayed but stay in me! My ways are higher than your ways! Soon no more of everything! Wake up children you know NOT the times you live! Danger in the land days ahead. I AM not a God that should lie nor my ways and thoughts your ways and thoughts! How Great I AM the Great I AM

Yeshua Hamashiach

JESUS the Christ

How Great I AM


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