January 5 2022


Download PDF here


Download PDF here

Dear Reader,
My prayer is that you will read and find much value in tlhis book. Please share it with others as much as possible, as quickly as you can. .There is very little time left until the Beast system is fully functional and the Mark of the Beast is enforced. There is almost no time left to prepare for the perilous time soon to take place. Hope the book has blessed you to realize the urgency of the situation so you start or continue preparing by giving yaur heart completely to the Lord Jesus Christ, and sharing this message with others so they can do the same. He is going to be the only way to endure to the end and to overcome the evil about to be unleashed in the soon time of the Beast.

Minimum order is 24 books at $6.50 each plus shipping. Costs us more when less books are made. Orders of 100 ar more get free shipping and price at $3.20 each book. These are the best prices we can get yau which is at cost.

Call us today to place your order at 1-844-2 TIME UP (1-844-284-6387)!

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