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No Longer Are We Subject to the Laws of Physics – LynL

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No Longer Are We Subject to the Laws of Physics

June 23, 2024 10:23 AM

Time is fleeting away. What was is no longer. My children thought they had an indefinite amount of time to prepare for my coming. They thought I would be there to help, even though they ignored my prophets. Most carried on, as business was, as usual. For all starts (now), to be increasingly harsh. The elements, the people, the political scene, and wars will take the front row stage. Nothing will be as it was in the past. Each will have to learn how to navigate in this new world. Many will be taken captive. Many will die of new and more lethal pandemics. The only rest you will find, will be in Jesus.
My son atoned for your sins. He waits for you to give your life to him (with repentance). To acknowledge him, to love him. We together, are one, waiting for you to come to the son. No more time to prioritize everything above me (us). No more time to continue in sin.


Life is a revolving gate where entrances and exits are tied to I Am. When your exit is not tied to me, your chord becomes severed, with no way back. I Am your start and finish for an eternity of life. Give no heed to seducing spirits, for they take you off your path of salvation and bring you to a place that is not of me.
The tempo is moving up. It swirls around each of us as we encounter its vortex. There is no turning back for what will be, has already occurred. We are within the grips of time, which becomes our destiny as we move thru it.
No longer, are we subject to the laws of physics, that we have been accustomed to. Change is everywhere with anomalies that can’t be explained away, any longer. One in a thousand-year flood, volcanoes that were dormant for monoliths of time. Earths land masses are shifting and changing the topography. Heat where it should be cold, cold where it should be hot, why not? Nothing will continue like it has been. Be ready for the changes. Be ready to change, with these changes. Tick tock.

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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