No Glory In This World – Olasubomi Williams

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No Glory In This World

Febuary 21, 2024 2:52 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Daniel 5:10-17, Matthew 13:44-46, Mark 8:34-38, 1 Timothy 17-19, 1 Peter 1, Hebrews 11

Words of Yeshua
Children, do not go after the things of this world. For they are all perishing and will fade away. It will become a memory of the past. There is no glory in this world only illusions. The world you live in is an illusion that will fade away in times to come. This is not your home. This is just a testing ground. Do not trade your salvation and your inheritance for worldly treasures. They will all be gone in an instant.
My children, nothing in this world is worth dying for. Nothing in this world is worth going to hell for. Hear my cry now children. Come to me and let me fill your inner most being with my love. There is nothing in this world that can fill you other than me. My love is ever-filling. Satan knows this this is why he tries to distract you with so many people and wealth. He would rather you be extremely affluent and well known in this world than to be in my presence. Because he knows that in me, there is fullness of joy and fulfilment and contentment. He doesn’t want that for you, so he distracts you with the events of the world and keeping you in the dark by not seeking my presence. My presence is nothing like any other. In my presence, you get answers to your most burning questions. In my presence, there is satisfaction like no other. Satan knows this, this is why he causes man to strive for the things of this world.

I say this again: there is no glory in this world. None. Nothing in this fallen world is worth dying for my children. Why? Because in my Kingdom, everything you want and desire in my Kingdom is already there just waiting for you. You don’t need to be extremely wealthy for me to provide all your needs. If I give you the wealth of this world, it is to bless others with that wealth. My children, there is no greatness here for you. None. It’s all a farcade. Only my recognition of you is important because I will not neglect you if you diligently serve me. I love you all. Son, post the lyrics to the music you were playing during the day on the platform and give the title and the name the artist. Listen to the music and understand the lyrics behind it my children. That’s all my children. Be blessed. Yeshua

No glory in this world by Theophilus Sunday
No glory in this world
No great name here for me
No glory in this world
No greatness here for me
I won’t trade you for gold
Your presence is my home
My goal is to see your face
And hear you say well done.

I’ll keep singing the songs of saints till I reach my goal. X4

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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