Nine is the number of the coming Kingdom of Yeshua – Angel Falcione

Angel Falcione

I received a message yesterday 8-25-18 from the Holy Spirit which is a personal message to me but I want to share it with you all. God is multifaceted, he gives me messages of judgment, sometimes he gives me messages to give to certain people, messages to discipline me and sometimes, I get very loving personal messages. I love the LORD so much and all of his messages but the personal loving ones are my favorite! Plus this might help someone else to know how to recognize His voice, and how he speaks to us, and to also give some comfort and hope to you.

I heard the Holy Spirit say to me” Nine is the number of the coming Kingdom of Yeshua.” I have to admit, I was leery of hearing that because of a few reasons… The Holy Spirit has never said Yeshua to me before, I know nothing about numbers and what they mean to God, and I wasn’t at my altar. ( That is where I go to hear from God and know without doubt it is Him). I immediately went to my altar and poured my heart out to the Lord because I would NEVER want to be deceived from the enemy about any messages, not ever! I felt the Holy Spirit enter me He and shook my whole being and spoke.

I am always here now, you never have to wonder about that any longer. I will keep you safe. Follow My voice now My Child, My Angel, My sweet love. You are so special to Me. Why do you worry about My feelings for You? You know what I have in store for you is a great and glorious plan to save you and your family. Don’t give up on them, love them my child, keep your patience with them. Some of them are more difficult than most. You are difficult too sometimes to convince that the great I AM is talking to you and is here with you right now watching you, touching you tenderly on the cheek (I felt warm tingles on the right side of my face and I said, I wish I could see you LORD) You do see Me, not in a physical sense but you see ME and I see You. You strive to make an effort to want to know Me and that pleases Me beyond what You realize. ( I’m so glad LORD) Don’t lose hope, I’m always here no matter what. Never forget that.

You can call on Me anytime , trouble or not and I will appear. When you call on Me with all your heart I manifest Myself to you.

(I asked, Lord what were you saying about the number 9)

Nine is the fullness of My love for My creation, and it also is for My return, to snatch you out of this world My Child, and bring you unto Me. There is no greater love shown than this, the finalization of making you apart of Me in spirit, body, mind, and soul. The final chapter, the Grand Finale! It’s approaching fast. Get ready and wait for Me. I come quickly!

I could not stop crying, this was so beautiful! Even now, I type this with tear filled eyes. I don’t know exactly if the Holy Spirit was just telling me the significance of the number 9 to him or if it also means the 9th day, 9th month, 9 as in a year ending in that number for His return??? I don’t know, I just know it is soon! I’m not educated in numbers. Maybe someone else understands this meaning better than I do? I hope this blesses someone. Love you all.

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