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Nights Become Darker as the Evil Permeates the Lands – LynL

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Nights Become Darker as the Evil Permeates the Lands

December 23, 2023 8:17 PM

We have reached the end of the time that was given my children. Some utilized their time, whereas others did nothing that was fruitful. Their days were filled with much of the same, accomplishing nothing in the long run. I appreciate those who spent their time wisely and we will be working together as all things line up, readying themselves for the harvest.

The straight and narrow road is not an easy road for some. It requires that all sin be left behind. Many do not WANT to give up their sins for they have been with them their whole life. It takes commitment to good, to leave the bad. It takes a concerted effort, at least at the beginning, to change that direction. Not everyone will take that directional change, but those who do will find me and my Kingdom. I Am the good Shepherd who will lead you to the promised land. Will you find me and follow me on your journey? I hope so.

The nights become darker as the evil permeates the lands, covering those in sins. The grip becomes stronger, the ability to let go becomes harder. Who holds on to their sins, become those sins, penetrating even deeper within their souls.
Repentance now becomes the only “medicine” that will save their soul. Repentance of past deeds and lifestyles need to be addressed and atoned for. Each child must be responsible for their wrong doings and omissions. Directions must be changed with actions that correspond with the “new person” they have become. All that is necessary, is to walk from darkness into the light, and stay there.

Nothing is what it seems. ConCERN should be taken for the fabric of time is modified, changed and morphed into what it is not. Nothing is what is supposed to be, but yet what was planned long ago. Watch as things change and morph to a new reality. Stay under my wing of protection. I Am always there.

Each of us must strive to be the best version of ourselves. When we are not, we succumb to sins, lies, untruths and sexual immoralities. We are bound to another master, one who does not care about us, other than capturing your soul. Given an inch, he will take a mile. Do not let him taint your body or mind. Stay on that narrow course and do not deviate, not even for a second. Repent of all sins immediately and do not revisit them. For evil is around every corner and is there waiting for you.

Those who try, will succeed. Those who don’t try, have already failed. It is up to you to make the changes to bring you to a place of rest upon your death. I don’t make those changes, you do. Don’t wait to the last moment, because the last moment is generally too late.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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