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Night Prayer 10/4/2019 – Cavian


Night Prayer 10/4/2019
I was on prayer last night and The Lord wanted me to see what He wanted me to see. And I got focus in what God wanted to show me. And at the first time I saw a face, an arrogant face and it was like only his head I first saw. And The Lord spoke to me to get more focus…then I saw a huge open mouth of a snake. It was a huge black dragon with its open mouth I saw it was a like a process of a kind transformation. A snake which being transformed to be a man. It stretching out its body on and on and trying hard to get out from that body. And it was shocked me because when the process almost over then the arrogant face which full of self pride was being transformed from a black dragon to be a man and the man is the man of perdition, the man of sin and he was Obama. Then the Lord spoke to me to see the other side, it was beside the black dragon I saw the other huge huge python. Its in the left side of the black dragon and it was being transformed too from a snake to be a man. I saw his face and I saw his white robe and it was Pope. These two men then stared each other with prides. They were both then hugging each other with a huge smile on their faces. They were both looked so happy.
Behind this two beasts, I saw a huge huge red dragon. The red dragon watched the process of their transformation from the different snakes being transformed as men, the beasts.
And The Lord spoke me that it was their master, it was Lucifer.
Then after hugging each other I saw Pope told Obama to enter into his robe for a while and they were laughing so hard. And after that Obama got out from the robe then he saluted Pope and bowed down to the ground with his head upwards to see Pope while Pope put a crown, a golden crown right on his head. And Obama stood up and with his smiling face towards Pope face and I heard Pope whispered to Obama,”This is the time that you have to do what you must do”! Then Obama said yes to Pope.
The Lord the spoke to me,”You see, Obama is The Antichrist and Pope is The False Prophet. Together they will work for bring NWO to be known to the world. They must do what they should do as according to what the scripture says. Read your bible in the book of Revelation 13 regarding this two men. They are both the two beasts.
The Great Tribulation is happening now. Prepare yourself, your family and tell other people what you have just seen. I am coming soon, I am coming soon.

By Cavian


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