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Nibiru | Food Prices High | Civil War – Loveth Nwokeohuru

Nibiru | Food Prices High | Civil War

April 8, 2020 8:53 AM
Loveth Nwokeohuru

Dream 8 April 2020

Am going to be sharing the dream I had and also the dream my husband had last night

I had two sets of dream last night.

My own.

I was outside on a normal sunny day, and I was just looking at the sky suddenly I saw a moon, and then I said ” what is the moon doing here in this broad day light, when it’s sunny”?when I looked again, I saw another moon, and again they kept appearing, then I saw many moon like planets in the sky.

Then I started shouting and calling people to come and see what am seeing…

Then I saw a purple Aurora, I think the Aurora came out first before the moon like objects..( am not sure)

So I was shouting and telling people around me that, I have seen these moon like objects before in my dreams and that I have also seen this purple Aurora.

So I was asking my self ” what could be the meaning of this purple Aurora,
Does it signify that something bad is about to happen”?

I have had several dreams about the coming strange bodies in the sky, never knew what they meant.

Then I saw another moon like object and it’s kind of different from the others.

It had a kind of yellowish red circle or spot on it or on one side of it.

I was wondering what that very one is, but I knew it wasn’t a good sign, I knew trouble was coming…

The second dream.

I had another dream where I was begging someone to help me and go and withdraw my money from the bank, because the banks would soon have problems.

Then I saw myself going to buy some palm oil.
The price was just too much, so I decided not to buy, I said that I would go to a bigger market maybe I can get it cheap there, then a lady that was with me said that it would be the same thing, or with a little difference.

I saw that the corona virus made things especially food stuffs to become very expensive.

My husband’s dream:

He saw that because of the Corona virus lockdown, food became very expensive and That lead to chaos in the country and it was as if the country wanted to divide, he saw as if the whole thing now resulted to a kind of Civil war, where people are saying that they want to be separated and have their own independence.

Let’s continue to pray for Human beings to see the need of turning from our sins, repent and call upon God and may he have mercy upon us in Jesus name. Amen.

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