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Nibiru Dream – Vitaliy

Nibiru Dream

April 17, 2020 8:09 PM

October 6 2018

I had a dream of a time when planet Nibiru caused great damage to our earth.

There were not a lot of people in the area that I saw. There was our sun rising on the east and Nibiru that looked like a giant hot red planet toward north and the moon was fading on the west.

It didn’t look like normal sunrise. It was grey and pink and it was extremely difficult to walk on the earth.

Most people that were still alive at that time were hiding underground and in huge concrete bunkers.
Only a few strong man had enough strength to go out into the forest to collect wood for fire. They were all wearing metal helmets trying to cope with excruciating headaches due to electromagnetic radiation from Nibiru.

They went out of bunkers only twice in 24 hours and for short periods of time. I was told by a person next to me that they figured out when it hurts less and they try to do their above ground tasks at that time. This person said that most people died about half a year ago when this planet showed up. Those that were strong enough found caves and underground bunkers and now live underground.

There was not enough food. In the bunkers there was a small amount of dry food left by military probably.

There was no communications: no cellphones, no TV, no radio. Nobody knew for how long this planet will keep invading the earth and causing people to suffer.

Wood from the forest provided light and heat since it was very cold above ground and there was nothing green. Just dead trees and bushes. I also didn’t see any grass. Everything was grey and pink fog covered the earth. I also didn’t see any animals. I asked that guy next to me if they hunt and he said they didn’t see any animals around.

I didn’t want to post this dream because it was short and not very informative and I waited to get more details or another dream about Nibiru but I got none. And when I asked Holly Spirit why am I not remembering any dreams He gently pointed out that I still didn’t share the dream I got more then a year ago. I repented and promised Holly Spirit to share His revelations to me right away.

Brother in Christ,


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