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Nibiru Dream – Vitaliy

Nibiru Dream

April 17, 2020 8:09 PM

October 6 2018

I had a dream of a time when planet Nibiru caused great damage to our earth.

There were not a lot of people in the area that I saw. There was our sun rising on the east and Nibiru that looked like a giant hot red planet toward north and the moon was fading on the west.

It didn’t look like normal sunrise. It was grey and pink and it was extremely difficult to walk on the earth.

Most people that were still alive at that time were hiding underground and in huge concrete bunkers.
Only a few strong man had enough strength to go out into the forest to collect wood for fire. They were all wearing metal helmets trying to cope with excruciating headaches due to electromagnetic radiation from Nibiru.

They went out of bunkers only twice in 24 hours and for short periods of time. I was told by a person next to me that they figured out when it hurts less and they try to do their above ground tasks at that time. This person said that most people died about half a year ago when this planet showed up. Those that were strong enough found caves and underground bunkers and now live underground.

There was not enough food. In the bunkers there was a small amount of dry food left by military probably.

There was no communications: no cellphones, no TV, no radio. Nobody knew for how long this planet will keep invading the earth and causing people to suffer.

Wood from the forest provided light and heat since it was very cold above ground and there was nothing green. Just dead trees and bushes. I also didn’t see any grass. Everything was grey and pink fog covered the earth. I also didn’t see any animals. I asked that guy next to me if they hunt and he said they didn’t see any animals around.

I didn’t want to post this dream because it was short and not very informative and I waited to get more details or another dream about Nibiru but I got none. And when I asked Holly Spirit why am I not remembering any dreams He gently pointed out that I still didn’t share the dream I got more then a year ago. I repented and promised Holly Spirit to share His revelations to me right away.

Brother in Christ,

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  1. Pat

    Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for your sharing!

    One suggestion, if Allowed by God, please note down your dream as soon as possible, as detailed as possible. For example –

    – Where on earth were you in the dream – Europe, Asia, US, Australia? Do you “know that you know that you know”? City/Rural area, desert/safari/forest (tropical?), near the sea shore/lake/river/stream/canal? Was it windy (or no wind at all)? Do you need face mask for protection? How fresh was the air? Do you see ruins (frames of vehicles, monuments)? Do you hear any sound/noise in the background (dog barking, bird chirping). Was it humid or dry?
    – The people, how old/young (what age group)? Do you see babies/toddlers? More male or more female? Beautiful/handsome/ugly/malnourished/sick/healthy? Any handicapped?
    White/Black/Red/Yellow/what skin color/race group?
    – That person next to you – any specific (facial) features about him? What did he wear? Spoke in English? Sound peaceful/anxious/tired/hopeful? Is he Christian (with crucifix)? Married (with ring)? Wearing glasses? What nationality?
    – Their metal helmets – what color, what form (like general Motor bike helmet/Darth Vader face mask) – can you draw it?
    – where do they get drinking water? do they have enough air (CO poisoning in burning wood indoor)? Do they still have electricity (to run the ventilation fan of the bunker)? Did you see their toilet/waste bin?
    – How do they keep track of time, at what hours do they go out? Any specific item/landmark in the dream to help you guess what year was it? The moon – was it full or new moon? The sun, was it full & round (remember the Book of Revelation, at a certain time – 1/3 will be darkened)?
    – How BIG was the Nibiru comparing to the Sun? How close was it to you comparing to the Sun? Does it look close & big, like that BIG Round Moon in the E.T. movie?
    – For most of the statements/descriptions, did you just “know”, or you observe then describe, or somebody in the dream told you?
    – any specific thing(s) in the environment/people/dream that vividly jump on you as you review the details (e.g. NorthFace logo on their clothes; scar on the person’s face? Did you sense the Anointing on any one of them?)

    Again, God willing, we definitely want something specific that will point us to a specific TIME FRAME of the situation.

    Thanks & best,


  2. Vitaliy

    Thank you Pat for asking these questions.

    I actually have a lot of answers to them. Sorry I didn’t include all these details right the way since I am not really a writer but this dream was so vivid that I can still replay it in my mind over and over again to see more details. I think Holly Spirit was waiting for me to publish it for other believers and didn’t let me forget it.

    I have recorded that dream within minutes of waking up. Again sorry I didn’t put down all the detail. Just not used to sharing yet. I promise I will do better if Holly Spirit gives me more dreams and visions.

    Ok, lets answer your questions.
    I believe I was in America, probably even my state of Washington deep in the mountain range. There was nothing but forest around. No cities, no lakes, no roads even.
    I didn’t see the bunkers since in this dream I appeared in the cave. Deep cave. Maybe a mile or more. But this could also be in any mountain range on any side of US. Since there was nothing to pinpoint the location.

    I knew about the bunkers from this person next to me collecting wood. Nobody else talked to me in this dream.
    This actually could be an angel explaining to me whats going on but he appeared just like one of them. He spoke English.

    It was not windy. Just weird pressure squishing down while outside. People walked as close to the ground as possible. Even crawl when it became unbearable. The air was crisp, cold (steam came out of our mouths when we spoke) and pink fog didn’t let me see far. Maybe 500ft or so.

    No face masks were needed just metal helmets to protect head from excruciating headaches. I didn’t hear any sounds what so ever. No birds, no animals, no other humans beside this group that I was with. (Probably 20 young and strong men). I knew there were women and not as strong men in the cave but I don’t remember seeing or hearing kids or elderly. Mostly 20th to 40th I would say.

    I could not tell their race since everyone was very dirty and water was hard to come by. When found, it was only used to drink and a little bit to cook. They looked like they didn’t have a shower in 6 months. They were tired and barely surviving.

    They all were wearing baggy thick over coats that were torn in places. Looked a lot like military coats but black color or possibly dark grey. And no labels anywhere. No rings, no glasses. No NorthFace.

    Helmets where handmade from some sort of metal and painted dark something grey or blue or black. It was hard to tell when everything is grey and pink. They were not good looking and I wouldn’t buy one for anything but this is what protected their heads. The shape of them was just to cover as much head as possible and still see where you are going.

    I didn’t see where they get water from but they had a little bit of water to drink and cook. Air was not poisoned. I was breathing just fine. As far as I could tell there was a place for smoke to escape in the cave. And I didn’t see any toilet areas either since as soon as I showed up in the cave this person just told me to follow him and he was telling me about whats going on.

    I didn’t see anyone having a watch and I’m not sure how they tell time. But there was an hour or so in the morning and about the same at night when it was possible to go outside in helmet and not die.

    Sun was its usual size I guess. It was just coming out from behind the mountain on the right of me and moon was possibly full but it was fading since it was morning already.
    Now Nibiru was GIGANTIC. It covered all the north horizon. It was so close to earth that I wonder how it didn’t crash into it. Sun was yellowish and a little red like in sunrise but Nibiru was hot red boiling color and did I mention GINORMOUS size.

    What I described outside of cave is what I saw. The person next to me told me about the Nibiru ( and that’s exactly how he called it) and people in the cave and in other bunkers. He also said that its been 6 months and they can’t wait for this planet to leave.

    I didn’t feel anyone having anointing or even praying. Not sure if they were too focused on their wood collecting and survival or rapture has already happened and these were left behind people. I had no revelation on that at all. None. Thats why I waited to post this dream. I wish there was more information. That is pretty much all that I can remember and see in replays of that dream. I hope this helps someone.

    In the conclusion I would like to say if you haven’t excepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior please do so now. Don’t wait for when its too late. World is not going to be a pleasant place to live soon.
    In these last days we need Holly Spirit to guide us and protect and He will if we have a personal relationship with Him.
    To God be all Glory and Honor and Praise. Amen.

  3. God bless you brother Vitality.

    Actually when we don’t share our dreams or revelations with others he doesn’t find that funny.

    Thanks for sharing.

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