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NEXT PHASE – Handmaid of the Most High

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October 8, 2022 8:43 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

8:15 PM, October 9, 2022

Children I warn and warn and yet, the worldly part of you resists all that I desire to reveal to you. How can you prepare yourself, physically and spiritually when you ignore both realities so resoundingly?

ItNEXT PHASE – Handmaid of the Most High is the end of the age! For more than 2,000 years the church has had an opportunity to love on my people, who are lost and frankly, it has been so disappointing in recent times. Gone is the furor to spread the gospel, to the lost and dying world. People used to rejoice to share their resources if it meant having new brothers and sisters in my kingdom. Now, the body is interested in programs. There is a ministry here and a ministry there and everywhere a ministry. But these ministries, the rollerskating rink and the basketball courts don’t add any tangible transformation for eternity, sure it may keep your kids off the street, another form of babysitting, while you go out and conquer the business world and gain even more resources so you can have your name in lights and your children have the newest fad.

My living water has been quenched and your nation’s lost are dying of thirst, yet, so many haven’t given real ministry a thought since they were saved!

How selfish so many are!

Tonight and tomorrow, the Hunter’s Moon is celebrated by the enemies of Christ. This is the harvest of souls, they take their rituals very seriously. I wish that many of them would come to serve me because they take worship far more seriously than most of those who call on my name, particularly in the Western nations! Yes, despite what many forums and so called “ministries” deny there is human sacrifice that will happen in worship to their god. So many speak that this isn’t possible. How many children go missing everyday? Of course, most of those murdered never had a birth certificate, for they were born for the specific purpose of being a human sacrifice, bred like you breed cattle!

I have called my body to pray and act to counteract their agendas and so many ignore this scourge on society. What do you think abortion is but a huge, daily, hourly sacrifice to satan? How can my body be so blind? You can not discern reality from fiction and soon the two will merge!

The hunters are out, they are going after the hunted and after this celebration of darkness, which has world leaders meeting to worship, your world will be turned upside down.


They told you they would.

They always warn you in advance, what do you think all your movies and songs are about escaping and hiding from world turrony has been just for entertainment purposes. On the contrary, they have been fantasizing about expunging my people from the entire world! I’ve warned you through my daughter and others that this day is coming, it will soon be all in the open. You are all “Karens” in their eyes.

My final plan is in my word but most of you seldom read it. Even less even study it for details and hidden gems of wisdom (hidden from those without spiritual eyes to see, that is). I WIN! Jesus is the true Messiah and He is awaiting my instruction! However, you rapture warriors, who spend all your time misquoting scripture to prove to others the fallacy that you believe, will be caught off guard. I have turned you over to the fables of men, soon reality will be at your doorstep and you will realize that you failed yourself and your loved ones because the lies you believed kept you feeling secure and safe, prevented you from being either.

If you are truly saved, then you will come home despite your lack of preparation. I still love you though you denied the parts of my word and plan for humanity, because you were unwilling to walk in my perfect plan for your life (in many cases). I have called you to be a light in the darkness, but some are to busy hiding from darkness to have shown your light. How disappointed you will be, when you stand before me and missed opportunities to minister to my body and to the lost.

Yes, many of you have delighted in the good things in life but never pursued reaching beyond your comfort level to work for the kingdom. It is the trap of world and so many have fallen in, hook, line and sinker. How full of sorrow you will feel for missing the blessings that come with service!

There are no tears in heaven, I have captured every last one shed in a bottle. However, there were crowns prepared for you that will not be released for there will be opportunities that you chose not to take because they required something (time, money, effort, prayer) that you were not willing to forfeit.

I AM is speaking to the spirit and soul of quite a few reading. Make haste to do what is before you now. Those who repent for leaving things undone, I will send more opportunity before you are called home!

Get in your prayer closet and ask me how!

Ask me to provide a way of escape.

Ask me how to put the hunter’s plans to completely destroy the body of true believers, particularly who claiming to know and serve Christ, who are ravening wolves. They know who is wheat and who the other tares are. They know that body, who understands that they won’t be suddenly gone will actually bring in the harvest and it is nothing like the liars are proclaiming the harvest will be completed.

I AM amazed at how many in my body still don’t recognize the deceiver’s no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary. Many among you have not been analyzing the lack of fruit these false and the wayward (once in service to me, now heaping treasures to their flesh (hint if they live in mansion and own at least one plane that should be a clue)). In many cases, your own fruit production is so poor, you know that you are a hypocrite so you can’t very well cast stones on others when you are guilty too. The good news is that you can repent and start servicing me in the next moment.

If you don’t realize that the hunger games has already begun, then you are far behind in readiness. Consult the details on all the mass animal slaughters, dumping food, fires in food processing facilities across North America, mass release of toxins into the air, sicknesses (real and “produced”).

Church sound the bells, disaster is coming, death is coming, famine is coming, persecution is coming, disease is coming, financial collapse is happening and life on planet earth will never be great again!


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19

This is the uncorrected draft, an updated one with additional scripture may be posted in its place 9:42PM


1 Corinthians 1:20-30
2 Thessalonians 2:11-13
Psalm 56

The Father told me to refer you to Ruger4life and Ruger4life 2 on you tube for the Economist decodes

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