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News from the Wall: Warning – Destruction is Coming! – Nathan Leal & Donna Leal

News from the Wall: Warning – Destruction is Coming! – Nathan Leal & Donna Leal

August 28, 2018

Babylon America is the Midst of Chaos. The White House is under attack and opposition is backing Trump into a corner. But who is Donald Trump? Is he just the President or is he something more?

Was he really sent by God?

Nathan Leal says, “Yes, Trump was sent by God with a mission. But it may not be the mission that evangelicals are expecting.”

Nathan and Donna Leal bring a VERY DIRE WARNING in this audio program. The end times are upon us.

Please share this warning with your friends and family members.

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  1. Roberta

    Yay!! Nathan!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting to hear from you on the absolute chaos swirling about us. Thank you for your much needed insights and encouragement!

  2. Robert

    Not a Trump fan. However, the antichrist is one who has no natural affection towards women. So, hard to put Trump into that position. Heck, he goes after porn stars. He likes women. Other than that, this was very informative and makes you think about much. God bless everyone.

    • Sean

      Robert, where in scripture does it state that the antichrist will have no natural affection towards women?

      • Loveth Nwokeohuru

        Dan 11:37, Dan 11, Is the comprehensive explanations of Dan 2,7 and 8. It explains what will happen From the time of Daniel to the end of time.

  3. Linda L. Courtney

    Where is the audio of the message by Nathan??

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