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New York Devastated – Carl
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By Yevhen Tarnavskyi

New York Devastated

October 11, 2021 6:46 PM

At 6:19am, October 6th, I woke up and immediately wrote down what I had just dreamt. I was able to see clearly in the dream, not as blurry as sometimes I do. Here is the dream:

At the start of the dream, I saw a Pastor that I know, arrive at the edge of a city. The city had high buildings, but not skyscrapers as modern cities usually have. The highest buildings were made of a type of clay which was painted with pale yellow, green, and pink colors; one color per building. I saw the Pastor arrive inside a light brown-colored military tank, and I knew that he and other people had hard access to easy transportation due to something economic or to some disaster that happened, but I’m not sure what caused people to lose their own cars.

When he arrived, he stepped out and he was looking at the city. That’s when I saw very clearly that all the buildings in the city were gone. The city was silent, and all you could hear was the wind passing between the buildings with an eerie silent sound. There were strong winds around and the sky was grey like when there’s a thunderstorm. There were papers and things flying in the wind everywhere, like on 9/11 after the Towers fell.

The buildings that had collapsed didn’t crumble. Instead, I saw that all their bases had bent completely and the buildings simply leaned over until the top touched the streets. But somehow they didn’t break. Also, I could see the steel rods that supported the base, all bent in the direction that the building was leaning against.

Then, when I saw our Pastor, I saw that he was weeping over what he saw. I had the knowledge that the LORD had sent him to this city because, in this dream, God had told him that this city would be destroyed, and God wanted to show him that this was true. As I saw him crying, I also wept inside of me, because seeing such a sight of a silent city filled with vast rubble gave me a sense of hopelessness, and I knew that this was a real city. Then, the LORD made me look through the Pastor’s eyes, so that I could see what he was seeing. The LORD told him to take out his cellphone and start recording what he was seeing, so that others could be witnesses that what God had told him previously about this city was true, and that it did come to pass.

Then we both saw big white ashes falling like snow in front of us. Our church Pastor kept recording this and he was describing to the viewers what he was seeing about the buildings destroyed and the ashes falling. The thought that came to my head when I saw the ashes was that it may have been the result of an explosion, or some disaster which is what caused the buildings to collapse. In the dream, I thought that it may have been explosions, fires, or an earthquake, but I’m still not sure. Throughout this dream, I had the sense that this was New York City. I have listened to many brothers and sisters in Christ, that indeed this city will be destroyed, and it will be such a HORRIBLE SIGHT TO SEE. May the LORD have mercy on all the millions of souls who live there, and I pray that many repent when they see the attacks come to the city.

After this, I saw him on the back of a truck and this time he was in some other region, probably in another state of the US. It was a sunny and chilly day. The truck was going along an open dirt road and he was on the back of the truck recording another video. As the vehicle went by, I could see the rural mountains far away and lonely houses and buildings in certain areas of the mountains. It was very calm, and I could see what looked like tons of snow on top of the mountains far away. But I’m not sure if it was snow because it has the same appearance of the white ash seen in the city previously. I also knew that he was going away from the city to be in a safer place. He was very joyful to be away from danger and he knew that God had told him it was time to leave the city, since God had already shown him that His message was fulfilled. And that was the end of the dream.


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