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New Microscope Images of J&J Vaccine Contents – Annemarie D

New Microscope Images of J&J Vaccine Contents

October 6, 2021 11:47 PM
Annemarie D

Brothers and sisters,

Look! Just look at this self-assembling grid within the J&J vaccine. Now imagine getting booster after booster until your entire body is encased in this micro-metal grid! If you didn’t believe the evil powers that be want to turn us against our wills into a trans human cyborg, will you believe your own eyes?! Please. Please! Do not allow this demonic serum of death into your body. Another sister on YouTube names Karry Ann said in a vision it was revealed to her that these vials also contain the venom of snakes. How appropriate! The devil used a snake in the beginning to deceive and he’s back to his old tricks!

We are under attack and I’ve asked the Lord about when we might be raptured. We are not subject to God’a wrath, which hasn’t started yet, but the devil plans to punish us as long as he can get away with it. Thus we will see much tribulation prior to meeting our Lord Jesus in the clouds. Many of us will be martyred for our faith. Do not lose faith just because we aren’t whisked away from all troubles. We will be refined in the fire first and see many sorrows. But Jesus will come and those wicked people WILL then face God’s wrath while we are supping with our Savior!

In Jesus’ glorious name!
Annemarie D
Baltimore, MD USA


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