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New Assignments

October 28, 2020
Victoria Ang

PROPHETIC DREAM that was received on 10/25/20

First I want to share that after spending time with the Lord to RENEW my strength to continue fulfilling His plans and purpose for my life .He reminded me to share a dream he gave me a few days ago. But due to so much attacks I didn’t share as I usually do. Because He is so LOVING and PATIENT He gave me a reminder ❤️

In the dream I found myself in an office that I was made known I had been working there for a long time. ( represents doing Gods work here on earth in this body) I was there to clean out my desk to go to another job. I was so concerned that I left my desk and cubicle PERFECTLY SPOTLESS! I checked EVERY square inch of my desk to make sure not ONE SPEC of dust remained.I opened the bottom drawer and reached way in the back of the drawer with my cleaning cloth. And as I was cleaning way in the back I found a piece of an old stale cake. I immediately threw it in the trash can and continued to wipe every area of the drawer . Again not wanting to leave any dust and to have everything SPOTLESS!
I was getting ready to leave the office and glanced around to make sure all was perfect. I left the office and went out the door. I walked down the corridor but felt once again . I thought ..Let me TRIPLE check that I left everything perfectly clean. So I turned around to go back to check once more. But found two of my co workers that I was made known were not going to the new job with me. They were standing in the hallway next to an elevator. The office door had been locked ! And the dream ended!

Interpretation :
The Lord will be giving my new assignment ( in a transformed body, not pertaining to all)leaving behind things of this world. Everything in our lives needs to be spotless before the Lord. The old stale cake deep in the drawer represents for ALL .To do a TROUGH search of their life and ask the Lord to remove anything NOT of him that is SWEET and PLEASURABLE from this world . ( fleshly obstacles).
The woman coworkers standing at the elevator represents those that SHOULD be working for the Lords Kingdom . The elevator represents a CHOICE …. UP or DOWN . Heaven or hell! The door locked means NO MORE TIME!! ……….

Nothing is too difficult or impossible with the Lord. When we TRULY seek HIS HELP ! He is there with open arms! Please make the RIGHT choice and seek God to help remove any obstacle in your life that will keep you from heaven ! May God bless and keep all safe and protected from harm !

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