Nevermore O River Of Babylon – Brian Ethier / 12019

Nevermore O River Of Babylon

July 15, 2021 2:12 PM
Brian Ethier

By your dark and deceptive flow,
Oh, you sighing, moaning river;
All of your captives, they now sing their songs of woe,
Oh, of songs of woe, of woe forever.


For from your bondage I am free,
O you evil destroying river;
For I shall weep no more by thee,
Yes, and weep no more forever.

For songs of Zion never shall we
Go sing by thee, O mystic river;
And praise be heard no more in thee,
Oh, and be heard no more forever.

For the golden days are past with thee,
For the days are so dark, O you misleading river;
And the sound of harps, they shall silent be,
Oh, and be silent, yes, silent forever.

For weeping stands the willow tree,
On thy shore, O you fraudulent river;
Beneath its shade my walk there shall never be
Oh, and nevermore forever.


For I shall weep no more by thee O destroying river,
Oh, and weep, and weep, and weep no more forever!



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