Krystal Beall

January 12, 2018

Many of you my beloveds are hurting. Many of you feel distant from me in this last hour and fear that I have forsaken you. Hear me, NEVER WILL I LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. I AM FAITHFUL. I AM TRUE. I have loved you with and everlasting love and with kindness I have drawn you. I love you. It is for you whom I suffered for. I was wounded for your transgressions, the chastisment of your peace was upon me and with my stripes you are healed. Thus it remains today. Come, come I say to all. Come to me and find rest for your weary souls. Come all who are broken, hurting. Come all who are heavy of heart. Come and be healed in my love. Come and be washed in my blood. Come and be set free. I thirst for you. I AM eager, ready and willing to forgive you. I long to hold and comfort all of you who are hurting at this time. The sorrow that you feel can not compare to the joy that is coming. The bitterness is but a sip of the cup I consumed. There is no suffering in which you taste of that I myself have not tasted and overcome. Together we share the bitterness and together we shall share the sweet. I have worked all things out for good for all who love me. Believe. Trust and know this. Faith not sight my loves. I have collected your tears in my bottle with mine and with them has a beautiful and bountiful harvest of joy been reaped. In the twinkling of an eye all will change. I know which of you are weary. I AM with you. I uphold and strengthen you. I lead and guide you every step of the way. I carry you when you grow weary. I Know the pains in which you bear. I know the price in which you have paid. I weep and mourn with you. Together we bear the cross and share the affliction. I AM close to the broken hearted and save those of a contrite spirit. I will never turn any man away from me who comes broken before me..My arms are open and ready, eager and wanting to to receive you. I will hold you, comfort you, and raise you up. I AM the Lord who heals you. I give beauty for ashes. The oil of joy I give you in place of mourning. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. You will taste and see that I the Lord, AM good. I desire to give you all the desires of your heart. To restore all the locust has consumed from you, above and beyond what you could ever hope for or expect. I delight in giving to my beloveds. I AM overcome with profound contentment when my children are full of my perfect peace, which passeth all understanding and delight in their joy. I have and will always desire the very best for you. My will for you is eternal life and the desires of your heart. I desire to dwell in the garden with thee oh man and I have. I Will. I AM.. You shall behold my face. You shall see me as I truly AM. You shall eat and be satisfied. In an instant all this sorrow shall be no more, I shall wipe away all tears from your eyes. Life, eternal life. I make all things new. I have. Believe. Behold I come quickly.
Jesus Christ

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