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Nephilim Nancy and The Destruction of All The Dams – Michelle Katherine Orts
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Nephilim Nancy and The Destruction of All The Dams

July 20, 2022 12:57 AM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Dear Prophecy444News/Jonathan

I received a Rhema Word regarding Speaker Nancy Pelosi being a Nephilim and the architectural plans The Nephilim will soon be embarking upon. I received this Word in a dream from Jesus on April 18th, 2022. I believe it is now time to submit this for your prayerful review in order to share this for publishing via

I also had a vision to share for your prayerful review and publishing regarding The Hoover Dam that I received last week, just a few days ago.
Since Hoover Dam is in the news today, it prompted me to share my vision as it has not yet transpired but I believe the transformers catching on fire are a warning from Jesus for USA and the world to get ready, a precursor to events to come.

I have also previously seen The Hoover Dam and ALL US and all global dams destroyed in upcoming shiftings of the earth due to changes in heaven and upon and within the earth’s crust. I have written about the destruction of all US and all global dams previously in 2021 on my site in a Rhema Word of The Lord Jesus’ Prophecy given to me by Jesus about Trump’s New Office.

Here is an excerpt of that Rhema Word dated June 4th, 2021,

“Jesus The Word made flesh speaks now! “And the manmade dams in heaven and on earth shall now very soon ALL BREAK FORTH in Heaven and on Earth as a Sign of My Judgement for the unbelieving, faithless wicked among you who claim to know Me yet do not and as a Sign to My Beloved, My Faithful and Resolute Remnant Church Bride, My courageous, victorious wearied in battle yet never giving up End Time Remnant Christian Army Saints. I will FLOOD THE ENEMIES OF THE EARTH WITH MY VENGEANCE as I will also simultaneously FLOOD MY CHURCH WITH MY PRESENCE AND MY GLORY. IT SHALL COVER ALL THE EARTH. YOU ARE MY TEMPLE NOT BUILT BY HUMAN HANDS AND I SHALL FILL THE TEMPLE WITH THE TRAIN OF MY OUTPOURING GLORY!!! Thus says The Holy Of Holies and I cannot lie!” “Yes! Jesus is My Son Jesus is God in the flesh. I have spoken!” Blessed is The Word of The Lord! Rhema Word Received 12:41AM CDT June 4th 2021

As always I urge all my Brothers and Sisters in The Warrior Endtime Remnant to submit everything to the Lord in prayer!

God Bless you Jonathan, your family, your team and all Servants of Yeshua who serve alongside you always in all ways in Jesus’ Mighty and Holy Name above all names,

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,

Monday, April 18, 2022

Subject: Nephilim Nancy and The Resurrected Pentateuchial Megaliths

Prophetic Dream and Rhema Word received from Jesus’ Holy Spirit to me Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic Reverend/Pastor David Orts on Monday, April 18th, 2022 5:30PM Central Time USA
Title: Nephilim Nancy and The Resurrected Pentateuchial Megaliths

I dreamed Nancy Pelosi was being used by the NEPHILIM (because Jesus told me that The Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is a Nephilim herself) to resurrect megalithic structures of old. I heard Jesus say to me, “Megaliths of old will resurrect the ancient megalithic structures. The Nephilim will begin to use Nancy Pelosi to begin to build these iconic (many think impossible to build by hand) structures once again. Look for the emphasis to be placed on “Pentateuchial” structures everywhere. (ie pentagrams and partial pentagrams being celebrated in building processes, in architectural news, magazines, on cable, tv, and everywhere in person and online especially in swank, “couture” settings and in big cities, particularly where celebrities (The Nephilim) gather. The Nephilim include many politicians, Royalty and leaders of great wealth in a variety of industries, especially in: mining ore, transportation, medicine, Entertainment and Big Tech. “-Jesus’ Holy Spirit to me.

Hoover Dam
Submitted Wednesday, July 20th, 2022
I also had a vision this past week, just a few days ago. I had a vision of The Hoover Dam being blown up. I saw cars going over a train trestle type bridge and the entire bridge and dam, The Hoover Dam, being blown into smithereens and falling into the gorge below! I do not yet know the timing of this destruction but Jesus tells me that it is way overdue to happen because of the unspeakable evil occurring on the US West Coast, US East Coast, US Southern Border and in Underground DUMBS and hidden places on every continent.

End of vision.

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