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Need to be vigilant…. – Jeff Andrews

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Need to be vigilant….

December 6, 2022 8:51 PM
Jeff Andrews

October 29, 2022: As I was going to bed I had a vision of hundreds of emergency vehicles. Strangely it was only the top of the vehicles that I saw, and the lights/beacons were flashing as at an emergency. They were Red and White and consistent with type of lights you would see on a New York Police Dept. patrol car. I opened my eyes immediately. The vision alone made no sense and being tired I closed my eyes again. Immediately I was given a vision of a grey overcast sky, with a white circular light. The light got bigger, and more intense, until it took up the entire field of vision and was so intense that had I been awake would surely have blinded me. Again I opened my eyes and I was laying in bed. Intrigued I closed my eyes yet again and was shown a vision of the White House. I woke up for the final time and then drifted back to sleep. I know these were God given visions, and they pertain to an event coming up that potentially involves both New York and Washington. I have sought clarity from the Lord as to the exact meaning – and while nothing has been forthcoming I sense the need, from Yeshua, to pass this on.

November 30, 2022: Early in the morning (unable to determine the exact time – but I estimate around 5am) I had a dream – again I believe God given, of being at an Airport. As portrayed to me we were getting on an aircraft to go on a journey. The aircraft wasn’t visible to me but as the crowd, to which I was part, progressed across the tarmac to the aircraft, a couple of officials came up to me took me aside and guided me to the airbridge where a smaller number of people were boarding the aircraft. My spirit new exactly what was going on – and the message, to me, was very clear – that the Rapture is indeed imminent. A number of your contributors have confirmed the same message….

Please take this to the Lord in prayer

God bless

Jeff Andrews

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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