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nearing the time to leave behind our homes – Victoria Ang

nearing the time to leave behind our homes

April 23, 2020
Victoria Ang


In this dream I found myself in the hallway of an unknown hospital caring for patients. ( In real life I am an RN). I was running up and down the hallways entering rooms of the patients that needed care. And assessing them if further care was needed. Giving the needed meds for each person.I entered this one room where a woman I was made known in the dream,was dying of cancer.There was nothing more that could be done so her family was going to take her home to die in peace. I went to help get her moved to go home but found her strapped to the bed with a tie down device. I released the tie down so she could be free to move. And helped her get in a wheel chair to leave with her family.

The scene changed and I found myself in a house that I was made known was mine but I was selling to leave that house.The realtor came into the home as it was just ready to get sold.But I looked up at the ceiling and saw writing on the ceiling. At that same moment the pipes started to break and water started to flood the house. And the dream ended.

Interpretation :

We are to help those that are in need and those that have been lost ,daily through our prayers. And in every other means as the Lord guides. The prayers prayed ,can help set those that have been in bondage free. And those that are near death can enter heaven through our prayers. And have an eternal life of peace with the Lord.

We are so nearing the time to leave behind our homes and things of this world. The writing is on the wall from above (meaning the Lord is showing the closeness of the time at hand)

I have been shown over and over many times that right before this occurs a tsunami type flood will occur. This is not for all as we are in different locations. And things will not happen the same for all.

Upon awaking I looked out my back door and saw a RED CARDINAL sitting at the entrance to the gate by my house! …..

Please know time is so very short. Please stay in repentance and on the narrow path.Ask the Lord into your heart to be your Lord and Savior. As tomorrow is not promised to anyone! God bless and keep you safe!


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