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Navy Ship Shot Down – DaughterofGod

Navy Ship Shot Down

May 13, 2020 8:13 PM

28th Jul 2019

I had a dream this morning, could be prophetic. I was in a city in a high rise building and there were lots of high rises right on the beach. There was a water channel going between the buildings to a military navy base. There was a military ship on the water channel. I was in an apartment up high looking down and I saw torpedoes in the water being shot under the water. I said to the people that were there “hey look at this, there is torpedoes in the water”, and they said “no way whatever”, and didn’t believe me. They were too busy talking and partying. Then I saw one of the torpedoes hit the military ship and it started going down. So I said again, “look at this! We need to go get out of the city!” They laughed at me. I said “this is the beginning of a war, we need to get out now before the panic starts and the roads are blocked up!” Then I started leaving with my children and had to leave them behind, because they wouldn’t listen.

End of dream.

Update: a couple friends suggested that the city is New York and I looked up pictures of it and I’m really sure this is the place. They have the high rises on the beach and water channel and military bases! Look at this:

Update: 14 Oct 2019:

I went to sleep thinking about the coming attack on USA and I woke up in middle of the night with a word: Manhatten. I didn’t know where Manhatten is except it’s in USA somewhere. I googled it, it’s in New York right where I had my dream of the submarine and torpedoes that start the war. I think Manhatten may be the exact place going to be the first hit. I’ve also seen the statue of liberty decapitated which is not far from there.

Update 23 Nov:

Word : bering straight, confirmed. I had no idea but found out it is a stretch of water between USA and russia. I think it’s to do with the coming Russian attack on usa.

Note: I’ve also had a previous dream where I saw the statue of liberty decapitated with its head laying on the ground. What I didnt know until recently is that it is in New York as well. (I live in Australia, and so I’m not familiar with usa locations).

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  1. Warrior4Jesus

    Interesting News here that say’s that US Warships are currently in the Bearing Sea right now!

  2. Lorraine Hall

    I live in the UK and I’m well aware that Manhatten is in NY, also if I had a vision of a high rise city I’d think of New York first. I was surprised to find that you live in Oz and not some really foreign country.

  3. Lynette I Devries

    Hello dear Sister, I live in Brisbane Queensland. Many prophets have mentioned NYC in their prophecies. WWW 3 can happen any time now. Australia has very little naval and army forces compared to America and they will only be too busy fighting their own battles to help. May God be a very present help for His children now in Australia and America, elsewhere too. GBY.

  4. Thank you Lynette. I know, I’ve heard from so many after I had the dream! God is amazing! God bless you too!

    Lorraine, I actually grew up in New Zealand and I knew of Manhattan being a city in usa, just not what state it was in. They dont educate us about usa much here, down under. God bless

    Warrior for Jesus, thanks, I think that’s a different sea mentioned in the video, the other side of Russia. God bless

  5. Child of God

    China will attack USA, Russia will attack Canada coming from the North. China’s military boots are already on American soil.

  6. Daughter of God, are you aware that today, July 12, 2020, there is still going an hours long fire on the US Naval Carrier Bonham Richard. That Naval vessel has been burning today. They don’t know the cause yet. I’ll keep you updated. Mike M. prophecy2433 here. 😉

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