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March 25, 2018

Narrow Gate
My Children, it is so important now that you understand to your core My true blessing of salvation. It is not by your ability under the law that you are saved, or every human would perish, but it is only by My finished work on the cross that you are made holy to the Father. Accepting My finished work on the cross is the narrow gate. Adding your self, your pride, your works equals the wide gate. Your works are only made holy to Me when you recognize that your good works apart from Me are filthy rags and you cannot add to My perfectly finished work. Try as you might to be a good person, you cannot be holy but through Me. You are not made holy by what you do but by the transformation of heart that comes within you when you receive My perfect and complete work as your only blessed hope.
Many believe falsely that they are looked upon and judged by the goodness of their flesh, their obedience, and self-control. This is not true, My Children, for if I am to judge the flesh, not one man can be saved. I only judge the failures of the flesh when I judge the people who have not chosen to know Me. No flesh body can come to holiness, as you are a corrupt creation, and only I AM is the narrow gate to salvation and holiness. This is a mystery, yes, but purely simple in that the narrow gate is the only choice one can make to receive salvation. Men’s own pride keeps them from entering the narrow gate because they believe they have the key to entering in through their own goodness. There is zero goodness in the human flesh or heart apart from Me. There is no good act inspired by human flesh as all flesh is corrupt and has been hijacked by Lucifer himself. No good can come from darkness, My creation did not choose this corruption, though it has been cast upon each and every human soul that has ever existed. No soul by their own merits will ever enter into My Kingdom, as they are corrupt flesh and eternally damned. Human fleshy pride combined with the false teaching of man has swept through My creation, leading many through the wide gate of self-reliance.
I, Yeshua HaMashiach, am the only narrow gate into which one can enter My Father’s Kingdom – eternal salvation. The only good works that can be seen by My Father are performed by My Holy Spirit through those that have received My finished work and have entered through Me the narrow gate.
Surrender, My Children, to this truth that there is nothing you can do to earn something that is freely offered to you. No amount of what you consider as goodness can make you holy apart from Me. The seed of corruption has infiltrated My entire creation and not one will come to Me by their own motivations. If you fail to recognize your state of corruption, you will fail to see the gate in which is the only way to enter My eternal rest.
It is the enemy’s plan to direct you to the wide gate of deception. He lies and tells you that you can make yourself holy. He lies and lets you believe that your good works will somehow bring you into My righteousness.
My Children, I am righteousness, and only when you receive My finished work will you be made righteous, for it is not your own righteousness at all but My own. You were corrupt before your creation within your mother’s womb. See and understand this to recognize the narrow gate which is none of yourself but only Me.
Do not believe the lies of the enemy. Do not be deceived by your own fleshy pride. I am the narrow gate in which you must choose to enter. Your righteousness is not your own, but only Mine. What is standing in your way of entering the narrow gate?
I love you, My Children.
Yeshua HaMashiach


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