Naked Part 2! – Benjamin Faircloth


Naked Part 2!
May 19, 2019
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“I AM determined to break the staff of bread over this nation-it is the only hope for many to survive what is coming! Humility will be the covering of a wicked and naked country! America, you are blinded by the glitz and glory of fool’s gold! You are brittle under your shiny coat of tin! You have no idea how vulnerable and weak you are, yet you are ripe for the harvest! Think not that I won’t destroy you as I did to Sodom and Gomorrah-think not that your merits and memorials are shields and protection from My fury and displeasure. I have told you through My Prophets that famine is coming- behold it is at the door! You think a King can provide for his people, when he as well is naked and exposed! Don’t be fooled My bewitched church! Fresh water and salt water cannot be mixed and stay pure! Neither can witchcraft and Righteousness dwell in Holiness! Remember Dagon! (1 Samuel 5) I will not be fooled America- I AM not blind to your deeds. I will visit you with a rod and a sword. I will break the staff of your bread-it will mold before your eyes, and the suffering you’ve caused to My Little Ones in foreign lands, will return to you a 100-fold! Laugh and scorn if you will, steeped in your unbelief, but I will laugh last as I prove Myself as Lord of All once again! I AM the Alpha and Omega, and I will finish what I started with My Creation. It will come to pass as it was written, for I AM!

Scripture reference for this message is (Isaiah 13)

Naked! Part 1 Below

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