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“My Wrath is Coming” – Wendi Lee

Sister Wendi Lee

July 22, 2017

My Wrath is Coming upon this (ONCE)!! great nation for it is no more…I AM THE DOOR and I will close it for a season while you remain in the darkness coming upon this earth..

Soon there is coming a great day of My judgment coupled with the intensely last of the birth panges. So you say that you know that My judgment is coming, My wrath upon this (ONCE)!! great nation for it is no more. It is one of my breaths away from great calamity and destruction. What are you doing about getting ready my people? God Jehovah Yaheveh knows your complete willingness to ignore My signs. God Jehovah Yaheveh says to you “get your hearts in one with My Son”. My Son Yeshua is your hiding place. My Son Yeshua is your peace. My Son Yeshua is the One you can cling to when all is not making sense. My Son Yeshua despises the ignorance of society. My Son Yeshua will bring heaviness to the wicked like they have never imagined. My Son Yeshua loves His children that Father has given Him. My Son Yeshua will turn His face against the ones who are going to reject Him. My Son Yeshua yearns to have all of His chicks under His mighty and caring wings. My Son Yeshua is God Almighty Jehovah Yaheveh. My Son Yeshua gave up His freedom His Father’s bosom, His Glory, His liberty, His Godship (for a little season) for all who will call upon the name of Him Yeshua or Jesus. My Son Yeshua is indeed your best friend and He ever lives to make intercession for His saints. My children young and old learned and unlearned rich or poor know this one thing, God gave His life for each of you My creation. Now Father God Yaheveh just gave his Daughter My scribe a vision. In it I showed her where the Antichrist is at and the essence of him having his way with my disobedient children. But Father also showed her the beginning of his entrance. I will make the way for Obama to commit his treacherous works against My saints. However, My saints of the Most High, this has been written and should come as no surprise. Follow My Son He will alleviate any fear for this time coming up. Do I not raise up kings and depose kings? Father indeed has all control in My hand. Father is finished with this message. God Jehovah Yaheveh loves His little ones. Come and be refreshed and rejuvinated by My Son Yeshua. Father God Yaheveh has given these words to my true and dutiful daughter and scribe Wendi Lee.

Sister Wendi recounted the vision that she received and she saw a maze as a puzzle and Obama was in the maze and he was going around and constantly bumping into the walls of the maze and could not find a way out. Then the scene changed and sister Wendi say a mushroom cloud and then saw Obama at the exit of the maze.

King Yeshua message received 22 July 17

I AM the Mighty One of Israel, I AM the Holy Only Begotten Son of My Father who is the Greatest of All. Children do you understand the severity of your decision before you die of not accepting Me as your forever Lord and Saviour? If you truely understood what will befall you after your physical body withers and meets death pangs in hell you would come flying into My Holy and Righteous Arms. However you remain sticking your nose up at Me King Yeshua and mocking me. You remain listening to the Devil’s lies for he is your father. You cannot come to My Father God Yaheveh unless you come to me. So unless you surrender your very heart to Me you have the Devil that will be thrown into forever and complete despair with never any hope afterwards who you follow. Listen and feel Me wooing you to Me my child. I AM heard of you deep down
I AM knocking and I desire to come in and spend sweet and precious time with you. Your God who is Faithful and True does not relent. If you belong to Me you will turn to Me at your last few dying breaths that I will grant you to have. But My child do not wait any longer I AM THE DOOR and I will close it for a season while you remain in the darkness coming upon this earth. It will refine and put you through the hottest of fires as you will be the branches that My Father will surely scourge. Won’t you allow Me to shape and refine your heart now my love before this all comes to pass. You drink from my living well. I love you My ever so disobedient children and you will be mine marked by God Almighty.


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