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“My Wrath Comes” Message 230 – Terri Taplin

By Teri Taplin

“My Wrath Comes” Message 230

Yes My Children, My wrath is coming, and will be coming very soon and much chaos will be all around. There will be many miracles and wonders too.
I tell you true, through the prayers, testimonies and sharing of My messages, dreams, and visions many, many souls have come to My Son and received His truth and salvation.
Through the faith and prayers of My faithful much of My wrath has been has been calmed too, but I also tell you true there is still much of My wrath that will not be calmed.
The evil in man is great, and I will not tolerate it any longer, I Am Real, and I Am God, I will not be mocked any longer. I Am a loving God and it is Because I love You this cannot go on any longer.
Things have been held off in the past, and so has much of My wrath but this does not mean that it will be forever, no I tell you true, it will not be held off any longer.
All is complete now, all is ready for My Son’s coming, and soon I will let Him come and call unto Him, His bride, and all that are His will be called home.
Do not waste your time with worry of the things to come, as you know you are covered by His blood and protected, as will everyone that comes to Him and accepts His salvation.
Do not worry on the things of this world as they are not part of Me and you are released from them. Rest in love, rest in My Son, and know His peace, as soon the things to come will be upon you.
Every day is a blessing My Children and the day My Son comes to call you home, will be a great and mighty day as you will be delivered from this world and come home.
They enemy cannot have you as you are the Children of God and My Son will not lose even one that is His.

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