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My Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A brief testimony

October 16, 2021 2:53 PM

Hello dear Brothers and Sisters in Yahushua,

I feel led to share this story of how I was wholly seduced and deceived by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, aka jezebel spirit/narcissist/psychopath. I am sharing this in hopes of helping anyone else to see the red flags early on so you don’t fall prey to one. (here’s an article link:.
I would encourage you to research more as you feel led, especially if you think you might be in a similar situation. To those of you who have dealt with these types, my story may sound very familiar. They all operate in the same way, idealize, devalue, discard, (repeat) as they all have the same underlying demonic jezebel spirit.

It happened in the summer of 2015. Prior to that, in Nov. 2014 I had gotten immersion baptized, and shortly after that is when I first started getting my prophetic dreams and visions. Many of them show obumr as the AC. I have learned now that the jezebel spirit attacks the prophetic (remember Elijah) so I am guessing many of you have similar stories.

My daughter and I returned from a trip to Israel in early June of 2015. Shortly after that, I was texting with an old high school friend, a strong Christian, who mentioned one of our high school classmates was staying with him and doing some work. I said to tell him “hi” for me. My first mistake.

Somehow, we started texting. The lovebombing began. I had had a crush on this man in high school, and even kissed him, although I never dated him. Satan remembers what we like. He waited almost 30 years to snare me.

I had been divorced and alone for a couple of years. Within a week this man, (I will withhold his name for his protection, I guess) had convinced me that I was the wife God intended for him. My friend flew him to the state where I live. He had a bag and a guitar with him. He knew the Bible EXTREMELY well, spoke in tongues (which I realize now may have been false/kundalini tongues) did Bible studies with me, had communion with me, *pulled demons out of me* (so he said)…and really had me believing we were soul mates.

I would not sleep with him. We weren’t married. Within a week of being at my house, he woke up in the night and told me, “Jesus just appeared to me! He told me that we are married in His eyes, and that we can consumnate the marriage in the morning. He told me to kiss you three times on the forehead.”. Then he kissed me three times. I believed it. I fell for it all, hook, line, and sinker. We had sex in the morning. Somewhere deep down I still knew sex outside of marriage is still wrong, but I ignored that. Why would Jesus have us sin? ..He wouldn’t. I truly felt like I was under some sort of spell. I remember the first time he kissed me too. He told me to keep my eyes open and he did too. He looked deeply into my eyes as we kissed. It was strange, and I think it was a form of hypnosis. …After the fallout from all of this, I have tried telling him it was not Jesus, but probably a fake/demon he saw in the night who told me that. He still insisted it was Jesus. Years later he admitted to me that he did that because he couldn’t hold out for sex.

We got married the next day. We drove to the next state, and got married where his mom did under very similar circumstances. Hers was a week of knowing the guy. Mine was about two weeks. My daughter and others tried to reason with me and warn me. I could not receive it. I was blinded, conned, deceived, and wholly seduced like Eve by satan. (Cain’s father is satan. The word “beguiled” is “expatao” in the Greek which means to wholly seduce.)

THEN he turned into the meanest person I ever met. He had already conned me into quitting my job and giving up my townhouse. My daughter went to live with her brother, I wrecked her senior year of high school, and severly damaged our relationship. ..but she could not understand, because “I was going to have an end time refuge with this man of God.” Another lie. Ohhh, the lies. We mist know them by their fruits.

He never told me he was homeless. Many lies of omission. We went up to our hometown and I met his mom. We went to WI and I met his brother and their family. I wanted to put my belongings into storage, but he encouraged me to “give them to the poor”…which I later found out was one of his friends who he had been with in jail. Multiple times in jail. Drug problems, back child support, did not care for his children….I found out all of these things after the fact. I was too blind too see. One time he had me, his brother, and his brother’s friend laughing uncontrollably. This was unholy laughter. A dangerous manifestation of a false holy spirit like the Toronto blessing. I didn’t realize it was false at the time, but it didn’t feel quite right.

He had anger issues. I remember looking that up early on, after one of his rages, stumbling upon narcissists. That is what the world calls them, but they are really demonic jezebel spirits.

We ended up staying at his brother’s house, which was more like a mansion. (He told someone else it was his own house.). That is where the emotional abuse got really bad. I guess I was already in the devalue stage. I was catching onto his game having been married to a narc/psychopath in the past, and learning a lot about it. I can’t even repeat all the vile, vulgar, cruel hateful things he said to me.

He said I was “disobedient” because I went on the internet and “God” told him I need to get off the internet. (He knew I was listening to prophets on youtube…and I had found out a couple were false.) I later realized he called me disobedient because he wanted to control me. He knew things. I think he may have had a familiar spirit. He knew when I was getting a lump sum of money in the bank. (Before I even knew)…things like that. I still have a lot of cognitive dissonance because in some ways he did seem like a man of God, but he was a decoy. I fell in love with the illusion he presented me in the golden/lovebombing stage. He was a Jekyll and Hyde. Sweet and mean cycle. I tried to get away a couple of times but he always hoovered me back with his fake love. I found places in the house to hide from him and cried a lot. He pretended everything was fine around his family, but he treated me horribly. After leaving, I had compiled a whole notebook of things he said and did, in just a few week’s time. One of those things was spending all my savings and getting us into credit card debt. He was broke. Financial abuse is part of what they do too. One of the times I tried to leave he was throwing things at me, and I think the only reason he didn’t beat me up was because my angels were protecting me. He hit me with his Bible once, but most of his abuse was emotional. I have learned that can lead to physical abuse and am thankful I got out before that.

Finally one day in Aug., he and everyone else were gone from the house to the State Fair. I felt an urgency, probably an unction from the Holy Spirit to pack up my things and leave. I only had left of my belongings what fit in my car, so it was easy to pack up and leave. I did not leave a note for him or say goodbye to anyone.

I got away, I escaped. I called my dad on the road, and thankfully he let me stay there. He had a very small one bedroom apartment, I stayed in the living room, and kept my clothes in a laundry basket. I lived like that for almost a year. I had gotten the wolf in sheep’s clothing a phone, so I called and disconnected his phone while on the road, and changed my number.

I had lost everything. In about two month’s time, that wolf in sheep’s clothing/tornado/narcissist/jezebel/psychopath destroyed my life. Some of my family didn’t understand and even blamed me. It was about a year before I got an apartment and had my daughter living with me again.

So that is my story in a nutshell. Please brothers and sisters, have your guard up. Don’t let anyone rush you into marriage, or anything. Listen to those checks in your spirit. If you had a narcissistic parent, you are more vulnerable to these types. …If something seems to good to be true, it usually is.

I have struggled in the aftermath to get over him. I think he may also be some sort of warlock, or the demonic spirit in him is. There is some sort of hold or soul tie that I have had problems breaking, maybe because I did marry him. We are now legally divorced, but he never signed the papers and says we are still married. (The divorce went through as we live in a no fault state, and I didn’t need his signature. After some time of no respose from him it went through.) Please pray for me to get free of his hold and stay free.

These types are very dangerous, and very common. Perhaps up to 1 in 4 in the US population. You can probably think of some people you know like this. Try to avoid them at all costs.

Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

Much love, many blessings, and shalom,

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