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MY WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN – Cryptic1



Daughter, MY WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.

I gave you the word SOON a few months ago and I know you have been trying to figure it out because you understand it has to do with the End Times we are in. I also gave you some small words (one word messages) that have puzzled you. KNOW THIS. I alone know the hour when all will occur but I want you to put this word out for SOON things will begin to rumble.

There is a momentum that is happening around the world and the destruction and devastation you hear of is but a foretaste of My vengeance to come, for it comes. No longer can anyone turn back the tide of My swift justice for My wrath will be poured out upon this earth this very day. Many of My children cry out to Me to hold back My hand but nothing can stop the coming impending destruction.

America you have played your cards wrongly! You have maligned Me and led My church astray! But WOE to those who pastor My sheep for they shall feel the sting of My wrath! For My vengeance will come on the earth with force and fury that many will be left astonished and amazed at the awesome power and might I hold in My hand!

This is Jehovah speaking so there is no misunderstanding. I will come down from My heavenly abode to pour My wrath upon this rebellious people. My anger cannot contain itself any longer and must be released upon the earth. For the sins of the world have ascended to the heavens where I reside and My hammer of justice must now fall upon this land.

America take heed! Your time is up! Your hour of destruction draws near! Every breath you draw brings you closer to that fateful day when I unleash My fury upon you. For you are an abomination to Me even as I once loved you! I turn My back on you and your wickedness for you are of your father the devil. I will leave no stone unturned in the destruction I will release upon you! O America, once called America the great, you will be no more!

I tell you My heart breaks when I first held sight of you even though I knew you would one day turn from Me. I loved you with a Father’s love and I waited for you to return to Me but you have not. America you are in the precipice of destruction! War and famine, pestilence and hatred of My children awaits.

Daughter the hour is SOON. The word I have given you months ago is to be given to the world as a final warning. SOON, SOON AND VERY SOON the great calamity begins. It is at your door! O America, would that you had turned to Me! I would have welcomed you in My loving arms! But no more America! Time is no more! For you are like a ticking time bomb set off to go any minute!

Prepare, My children, for the hour is here and I am spent with anger and fury! You will see My judgments fall upon the earth one by one until it seems there is nothing more. But it will not be over America, yet! You will reap the seeds of injustice, of hatred, of murder, of revenge! I know your heart and I will repay!

Now is the time! Now is the hour! Sound the alarm daughter! Prepare your hearts for the return of My son, Yeshua! Prepare your hearts! For I will be a fortress of safety and refuge for My sheep and for the lost!

Read the bible I have given you. Read the words I have put forth for they will strengthen and encourage you in these very dark times. I love you My children but prepare!

For the hour of destruction is come upon the earth! Many lives will be lost to me but through My remnant many will seek My son Yeshua and will enter the Kingdom! There is no other way! Many will enter the Kingdom through the purging fire of martyrdom! Those fortunate to make it must persevere to the end to withstand My everlasting fury and wrath!

Tell them, my children, what must come! One day it will be but a distant memory. But now many must go through the cleansing fire in order to stand in My holy and righteous presence and to enter into My holy Kingdom!

Be strong! Stay close to Me! For I will place you in the palm of My hand in My secret place.



(Message given 9.11.19)

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 6:10 10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. (KJV)



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