MY wayward children returned to ME now! – M Goss

MY wayward children returned to ME now!

Nov 12, 2019, 7:11 PM
Melinda Goss

Hello brothers and sisters…I am being obedient to share this word from The Lord…I will continue to pray for our brethren to get into alignment and be protected under His covering. Share if you feel led…the words will get to the right person according to His will and plan…God bless you and keep you all..Much love your Sister in Christ,

Recieved 11-12-2019

My daughter tell them to look, look deep inside, close your eyes open your heart, let ME in.
I AM knocking,
I stand at the door.
So many have become deaf and blind, entranced by the material world.
It grieves ME , breaks MY heart.
I want to come in and set them free but they will not let ME.
They have hardened their hearts.
I call out to them now, to turn back to ME.
MY wayward children returned to ME now!
Lest destruction comes upon you in an instant.
I want to sup with them, but they won’t let me!
Turn back repent little ones time is short.


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