My ways are higher! / Seek now… – Angela García

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My ways are higher! / Seek now…

July 23, 2023 6:27 AM
Angela García

Isaiah 55:8-9

Tell them daughter, tell them my love is everlasting and I take care of my own.

Who will seek? Who will follow? My Love is higher, grander. Tell them I AM worthy to to be praised. Help them to know me, they know me not! Tell them seek with all their soul and mind they will find me. Holy Spirit is their teacher. Call me I will be found. I AM but a prayer away. My ways are higher. Choose today who you will choose this world or me! Know my ways! Know my will! Greater things! Have I not said be strong and courageous?!

Yeshua the Messiah

Jesus the Christ

I AM that I AM

The Great I AM

Isaiah 55:8-9

Matthew 7:7-8

Psalm 18:3, John 14:26

Joshua 24:15

Joshua 1:9

Tell them I Love them

and all things are for the Love of the Father

Know my ways, my will ♥️

Hear my words Child tell them I came to set the captives free. They are bound by fear and sin. I do not give a spirit of fear. My ways are higher and greater things will they do if they are mine. All of mine will go high and low collecting the lost, my ways are higher. I AM Alpha and Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the beginning and the end. Who do they say I AM, I AM that I AM the great

I AM. My child tell them who do they seek day and night? Put down the things of this world seek me now. Time is up! No more time I tell you, leave the cares of this world seek the things of above. My riches are in heaven. What does it take to gain the whole world and loose his own soul? Seek now the kingdom! We are not of this world but of a kingdom where beauty and righteousness exists. Imagine beauty unlike this world. Nothing if this world can compare! That is your world, the peace and Love unlike this world. As I say my ways are higher. Be not of this world but only occupy. Greater things in the name of Jesus. How Great I AM the Great I AM.

Yeshua the true Messiah

Jesus the Christ

The Alpha and Omega

Luke 4:18, 2 Timothy 1:7

Isaiah 55:8-9, John 14:12

Revelation 1:8

Matthew 16:13

Exodus 3:14

Matthew 16:24, Mark 8:36

Matthew 6:33, John 17:16

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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