Jan 10, 2020 7:22 AM
Collins Ouma

Peace and love from God the Father and our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. I had asked the Lord about who were or who will be His TWO WITNESSES  talked about in the book of Revelation during my fellowship with Him while at the mount because there is so much confusion and deception about the identities of this two important individuals.Here is the Lord’s own reply and word:

N/B He gave out this answer about the TWO WITNESSES when He was telling me about the 3DDDs and the events that will follow this supernatural phenomenon.These are His words:
It is at this point (referring to N/B above) that I shall reveal My TWO WITNESSES who upto now have been kept hidden. Elijah and Moses or Enoch as some are teaching are not coming back here on earth. No i will pour the Spirit of Elijah and Moses upon My TWO WITNESSES  and they will move in the annointing of this two prophets.They have not been made manifest yet. They themselves  do not even recognise that they are the TWO WITNESSES. In fact by the world  standards  currently they do not appear to be the witnesses  but I the Lord chooseth not acccording to the standards of men.
So beware  of anybody saying He or she is among or is both the TWO WITNESSES.I have reserved that for an opportune time known only to Me shall I reveal them and once I do it will be known all over the world and they would not themselves require to say that they are the TWO WITNESSES. They will be known from the small to the big nations,from the rich to the poor nations.All manner of people from the world shall know truly that these  two are My WITNESSES. Prophet David Owuor is not My TWO WITNESSES. He calls himself that to deceive My people  and he knows and understand whose side he is.Get this well My son.:I HAVE NOT YET REVEALED AND MANIFESTED MY TWO WITNESSES BUT SOON THEY WILL BE KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD. When I the Great I AM shall reveal Myself to them and in them.As just have said early THEY ARE ORDINARY PEOPLE WHO I WILL POUR AND RELEASE UPON THEM THE SPIRIT OF MOSES AND ELIJAH. ELIJAH AND MOSES WILL NOT RETURN HERE ON EARTH.Just as John The Baptist moved in and operated in the Spirit of Elijah so shall I lift up My TWO WITNESSES  and they shall move in the SPIRIT OF MOSES AND ELIJAH.
Shalom brethren
Peace and love
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya
(Next issue addressed was on rapture whether it will be PRETRIB OR MIDTRIB OR POSTTRIB.KEEP IN TOUCH)

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  1. God bless you brother for making yourself ready for the Lord to use.

    Thank you very much and again I say May God bless you.

    And I thank the Lord for this confirmation, may the name of the Lord God of Israel be praised now and forever more.

    Concerning the 3DDDs are you talking about the three days of darkness?

  2. how about male child in rev 12:2~5? Do we know who He is now?

  3. Mikhi Ferreira

    The mail child in revl 12 is Yahushua/Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  4. Levison Sinyangwe

    woe,woe,woe ,thank u Lord Jesus for our bother.

  5. Margaret Blake

    Very interesting. Shalom.

  6. Armando felix

    Peace of Christ, brother Daniel Woon Hyuk Kim,

    Lord had me study Rev.12.5 this is what the LORD revealed to me,

    Indeed the earth is bringing forth it’s fruits regenerated believers of Jews and Gentiles governed by the spirit of God. He that chose you as first fruits to feed with boldness the gentiles and jews in faith of the living God to lean on Christ in truth. I (Jesus Christ) and no other, those closely related to God will be snatched away toward God the Father even to himself the seat of authority.

    Just finished revelation by our Lord Jesus Num 18:11,

    An offering bestowed into the hand of Jehovah.
    Sons’ of oil descendants’ of Jehovah thou gavest me built
    together in Christ made permanent by decree of God of ancient time,
    unmixed purified heart of gold the Fathers’ family consumed by fire.

    Jeremiah 33.3 ” call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things , which thou knowest not”

    Peace of Christ and blessings from Our Father amen.

  7. Catherine

    Daniel, the male child is Jesus, it’s clear, not?

  8. Mhiki you are right, the male Child is Jesus Christ.

  9. Truth Seeker

    This was an excellent teaching on the two witnesses and gives much food for thought! There is a follow up as well. I can easily see the two witnesses being two GROUPS of people who receive the spirit of Elijah and Moses. They are the lampstands and the olive trees. Who are the lamp stand and the olive trees? If you know you will know who the two witnesses are!

  10. No rain for 1260 days (rev11:3-6)
    Apr 1,2023- Sep 11, 2026.

  11. Armando Felix

    Apostles were the witnesses In Jerusalem. It will be those chosen by God from ancient time to be filled with the glory Jesus Christ Zech 4:12-14 I have seen this myself there will be no preaching just the glory of Christ. Many millions will be translated to Kingdom of Heaven. See Evangelist Tom Hicks 1960 vision. Miracles and signs and wonders beyond our understanding. Amen Paz de Cristo!!✝️🔥☁️🚨👑🚨🚨

  12. Shalom brethren.Sorry 3DDD refers to the three days of darkness.About the male child of Revelation 12 I will ask the Lord about that for He said He is ever ready to receive any question about anything or any subject for He longer wishes for His dear sons and daughters to walk in deception.Thanks brethren and God bless you.Will keep in touch once informed by the Holy Spirit.
    Love and peace

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