My Two Witnesses – Anna Jacobs

My Two Witnesses – Anna Jacobs

Some weeks ago, I had a dream that I was standing before some kind of state official who had been chasing me for some time to kill me. At this point, I came face to face with him and instead of running from him, I turned, walked a few steps, fell to my knees, and waited—as if I had resigned myself to my fate. He came in front of me, put a pistol to my head, and pulled the trigger. The experience felt very real; I even remember the thoughts going through my mind—what it was going to feel like to have a bullet through my head. I felt nothing. A few feet away, a homeless person was sitting on the street watching the entire episode, without any kind of reaction at all. After I fell down dead, the homeless person just sat there like nothing happened. In my dream, after I fell down dead, I was looking at my dead body from above myself, when only minutes later in my dream, I got up alive and started preaching with urgency to people, proclaiming repentance in the name of Jesus. I had a sense of knowing that the few minutes in my dream represented three days in reality. After I rose, I had an awareness that I had very little time before His coming. At the time I rose from the dead, the homeless man—who had been emotionless to this point—turned to look at me shocked. He said, “You were dead!”

This dream has been haunting me since I had it and is as vivid now as when I first had it. I have heard mixed messages about its meaning, and for a while, I thought it was prophetic of what would happen to me in the future. Yet over time, I became aware that God would not allow His Bride to be killed, so I have been confused about the dream. Today, however, I asked the Lord again if He would be willing to explain it for me. I heard yes, and that I should write it down. So now, I will write what the Lord gives me.

Lord, I just want to ask you plainly if this dream is truly from you.

Yes, my daughter, you have heard and seen in this dream what is about to come to pass. There will be three days of darkness, and everything will utterly and completely turn upside down on your earth. Homelessness will be the norm, for people will lose everything they ever owned. There will be much death and great suffering, and my people, who are called by my Name will preach my gospel to the ends of the earth, bringing much salvation in the wake of much suffering. Yet there will be a time when I will take my people from the earth. Darker still will be those days because my light will be taken from the earth. Yet, in my mercy, I will still leave the earth a light. I will send my Two Witnesses—yes, they are truly two witnesses, two human beings, who will share my truth to a dying world. They will speak my truth and my judgment to the world as I have given them words to speak, that the world may know without excuse that all of the calamities I send upon them are truly from me. They are a rebuke against all who raise themselves up against me. I AM the LORD who speaks all these things and who brings calamity and disaster on those who mock my Name. My daughter, the dream you received is a vision of the future. It is not prophetic of your own life, for you, like all my Bride, will be snatched from the earth before the events of your dream take place. This dream speaks of my Two Witnesses. You were a symbol of one of the Two Witnesses who will be killed before all to see. You resigned yourself to death in the dream, because when my Two Witnesses see that their testimony is complete, they will know that their time to be killed has come, and they will not resist it. Yet, after they have been slain, I will raise them up again. The earth will refuse them burial and will watch them die and look upon their dead bodies for three days, yet after the three days, I will raise them up. I will take them up into heaven, where they will meet me and my Holy Ones. With every one of my Saints, I will come in power and great glory to bring an end to sin and wickedness and to rule the earth with a rod of iron. I AM the LORD!

I asked the Lord for confirmation of this word, and He led me to two passages, the first being Micah 2:

1Woe to those who devise wickedness
and work evil on their beds!

When the morning dawns, they perform it,
because it is in the power of their hand.

2They covet fields and seize them,
and houses, and take them away;

they oppress a man and his house,
a man and his inheritance.

3Therefore thus says the LORD:
behold, against this family I am devising disaster,
from which you cannot remove your necks,

and you shall not walk haughtily,
for it will be a time of disaster.

4In that day they shall take up a taunt song against you
and moan bitterly,

and say, “We are utterly ruined;
he changes the portion of my people;

how he removes it from me!
To an apostate he allots our fields.”

5Therefore you will have none to cast the line by lot
in the assembly of the LORD.

6“Do not preach”—thus they preach—
“one should not preach of such things;
disgrace will not overtake us.”

7Should this be said, O house of Jacob?
Has the LORD grown impatient?
Are these his deeds?

Do not my words do good
to him who walks uprightly?

8But lately my people have risen up as an enemy;
you strip the rich robe from those who pass by trustingly
with no thought of war.

9The women of my people you drive out
from their delightful houses;

from their young children you take away
my splendor forever.

10Arise and go,
for this is no place to rest,

because of uncleanness that destroys
with a grievous destruction.

11If a man should go about and utter wind and lies,
saying, “I will preach to you of wine and strong drink,”
he would be the preacher for this people!

12I will surely assemble all of you, O Jacob;
I will gather the remnant of Israel;

I will set them together
like sheep in a fold,

like a flock in its pasture,
a noisy multitude of men.

13He who opens the breach goes up before them;
they break through and pass the gate,
going out by it.

Their king passes on before them,
the LORD at their head.

The second passage the Lord led me to was 2 Kings 2, but the precise focus I will quote here in verses 9-12: “When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, ‘Ask what I shall do for you, before I am taken from you.’ And Elisha said, ‘Please let there be a double portion of your spirit on me.’ And he said, ‘You have asked a hard thing; yet, if you see me as I am being taken from you, it shall be so for you, but if you do not see me, it shall not be so.’ And as they still went on and talked, behold, chariots of fire and horses of fire separated the two of them. And Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. And Elisha saw it and he cried, ‘My father, my father! The chariots of Israel and its horsemen!’ And he saw him no more.”

We know that the two witnesses with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration were Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17). We also know that Jesus was the greater fulfillment of Moses. Hebrews 3:3: “For Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses—as much more glory as the builder of a house has more honor than the house itself.” Hebrews 7:19 (GNT): “For the Law of Moses could not make anything perfect. And now a better hope has been provided through which we come near to God.” And John the Baptist was the greater fulfillment of Elijah (“…and he will go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.” – Luke 1:17). Yet Jesus said, “Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he” (Luke 7:28). For we have received the double-portion that Elisha received from Elijah, for the mantle of Jesus Christ has fallen upon us because He has “given us of His Spirit” (1 John 4:13). So then, everyone who is commissioned in the Kingdom of Heaven has inherited that Spirit. “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you” (Luke 10:19). “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12). Thus, should we not expect the Two Witnesses of the Last Days to be even more powerful than Moses and Elijah? And do we not see this in the description given us in Revelation 11?

“And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.”4These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. 5And if anyone would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes. If anyone would harm them, this is how he is doomed to be killed. 6They have the power to shut the sky, that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague, as often as they desire.7And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pita will make war on them and conquer them and kill them, 8and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that symbolicallyb is called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified. 9For three and a half days some from the peoples and tribes and languages and nations will gaze at their dead bodies and refuse to let them be placed in a tomb, 10and those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and make merry and exchange presents, because these two prophets had been a torment to those who dwell on the earth. 11But after the three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood up on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them. 12Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here!” And they went up to heaven in a cloud, and their enemies watched them. 13And at that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

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  1. Jon

    Many have speculated on who exactly the 2 witnesses are.
    Erin from SparrowCloud9 has had visions revealing that they are in fact Elijah himself, and Enoch. Which makes sense because Scripture states that it is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and after this, the judgment.
    Enoch was taken to heaven without dying as was Elijah, as they had been chosen/ appointed to fulfill Yahweh’s end-time role of 2 witnesses and to die at the end.
    They are also the perfect witnesses because they witnessed first hand the height of mankinds evil in the pre-flood age (Enoch), and the height of Baal and Ashtoroth worship in His people of Israel in the post flood age (Elijah).

  2. Melchizedek

    First Seal
    the two witnesses will be a man and woman, who are in love
    He comes out riding a white horse he is looking for her,
    a crown is given him, the bow in his hand be his strength, his heart be his arrows. he carries the revelation to her, they will give their testimony of Christ Jesus
    She’s found in the Songs of Solomon
    He comes knocking on her door, a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled
    Come my love, we have picked our grapes together from the vineyard
    Come my love, lets us go sell our grapes in the village of the Lord
    Jerusalem our sister i can hear call’s in the night
    Come my love, we have not labored in vain for a days wage
    the waters will say, look when they speak of grapes, their in thundering and lighting, they say the Lord is coming…..
    false prophets will seek to fulfill their own coming, but the Lord has two people in mind, they will lead the way a light to the 144
    Charlie Brown is looking for his blanket
    The story of the two witnesses searching for each other, be your dream, Shulamite

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