My Strength Will Get You Through – Cheryl Adama

My Strength Will Get You Through

Cheryl Adama

To all the heirs of the Kingdom:

I give strength to those who call to Me.  In My strength you are able to overcome what assails you.  Let not discouragement overtake you for the voice of discouragement speaks only lies and will take you into the darkness.  Think only on what is good, pure, true and lovely.  Meditate on what is praiseworthy.  I Am all these; and will see you through what you face now.  My strength overshadows your weakness and even swallows it up when you do not wallow in it but seek for My grace.  I turn it into fuel – so you are able to overcome.  Your weakness can be what defeats you or what will aide your victory – and will depend upon how you manage it.

Do you believe that I am for you?  Line up your thinking to this.  Do you believe that I will not forsake you? Set your mind upon this.

No longer give place to what comes against you, so that it consumes your thoughts and life.  As you do, your battle will turn in your favor.   Give glory and honor to Me, and no longer give it to your defeat, and you will see your freedom.

Proclaim who you serve, who you love and who you follow and let this be what you think and speak.

Let the thief steal no longer from you and live no longer as a prisoner, but as a child of the King.

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