My Righteousness and THE New – Judith Reynolds

My Righteousness and THE New

Jul 21, 2019, 11:46 PM
Judith Reynolds

July 10, 11:09 PM

My dearest children,
Yes, it is written often now; the hour is upon thee! This is TRUE!
This hour in all of history, regardless of all the quarres amongst yourselves.
MY HOUR, not yours saith the LORD-
My hour of my angst against humanity, my hour of disgust at all manner of sin,
and My righteousness to shine for the entire world to recall, remember, and
bask in the TRUTH, there is a GOD, I AM that GOD and therefore choices will be made.
Do not worry, My little doves, when darkness surrounds you, be like a lake and reflect My image!
I will guide you so tenderly, and in focus you will finally see!
Yes, so much to say “Goodbye” to now, this life you have known.
Please do not linger in thought of this too long, it is dangerous ground except to
cry your tears, lay ALL down on My alter, and let me comfort you.
The NEW- oh My children, I bring to pass the new! The sensation of excitement is
buried deep down in your spirits, this shall rise, rise, rise to allow the new to come forth.
YOU shall come forth! This is no mirage, My children; it is fact, it is settled and it is
already finished!
When you come to the place when you have made yourself ready first, and your household,
My Almight Hand shall begin to cause all to happen with, and for you- For ME,
My righteousness sake, MY Name alone shall be exalted on that day and every moment you minister
using My Name when you are transformed into My likeness.
Have NO fear, for I AM with YOU! Sorrow and sadness shall flee away! You are coming home soon
My children. First, you must let go, and witness the suffering, and lead the lost to ME, their Shepard!
Are you ready My loves? have you obeyed Me at all costs? Are you wearing the fine and linen garments?
Hold Fast, MY WORD is about to be fulfilled, with Power, Fury, Compassion, Greatness, Mercy and LOVE.
Your Savior,

Yeshua Hamashiach

Scriptures given are:
Daniel 4:19, Jeremiah 9:13,14 Psalm 17:15 Mark 8:7 thru 10 Rev 1:5,6 Rev 2:9-11

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