“My remnant listen up” – Tess’s Time With JESUS

Tess’s Time With JESUS

August 25, 2018

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today? yes daughter I do my remnant listen up your not going to be here on earth forever so you must be preparing for eternity now while there is still time eternity should always be on your mind My people when the rapture finally happens you will enter your eternal assignments and be prepared for war during the tribulation you will fight with me in the battle of armageddon you are my end time warriors chosen for this time I am going to do mighty and great things through you continue to get the word out and spread my gospel sing in public spend your day with your God not this world keep praying to be filled with the holy spirit and to be in my will you my bride are not of this world I sent you here to do mighty things and to be a reflection of me while your on earth very soon you will be called home and you will have to give an account of your life here on earth are you ready ? Eternity is at the door heaven or hell its your choice you cannot serve two masters make sure your garments are clean before me a HOLY God The only thing that can save you is my shed blood on a cross my death was meant to bring in the lost sinners I have come to call the sinners to repentance Stay in prayer stay in my word Shalom SAITH KING YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH KING OF KINGS

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