Aug 25, 2019, 1:15 PM
Collins Ouma

received this word on 6th April after my morning devotions at one of the prayer caves in  Kenya.

I love obedience, submission and a broken and a contrite spirit. I am lifting a broken heart and I will glorify Myself in such a heart.My power and glory is with them that are broken before Me. I am pouring and releasing My glory upon souls that are broken before Me.I am going to pour My Spirit in great power and glory.My presence will descend upon the earth in a way that it has never been witnessed upon My chosen vessels.
They are going to do great sign and wonders. My church to be raptured, is ready all over the world. My remnant  have already been chosen. I have already gathered My people all across the world. I am releasing My church to this world in great power that has never been seen. My sons and daughters all over the world have already been prepared for this and they are in waiting upon My word.
My son be steadfast in prayers and fasting and be vigilant always for the work ahead of you is great and will happen at a moment’s notice.
Arise My chosen one in confidence and authority. Do not get weary of waiting upon Me for in due season I am coming to redeem.
Your redemption hour is here with you
Look upon Abraham your father,who after receiving the promise of a son he had great faith in Me though I tarried but I fulfilled My purpose that I had for him.
So will I do all that I have promised you. The nations are now ready to receive My chosen vessels.Plans are underway to usher in My glory upon the world.Find strength in Me My son for I am perfecting and completing My work of redemption for My chosen Bride.
My creations already are groaning for the revealing and manifestation of My sons: My endtime warriors and army to usher in the great final harvest.Be a good cheer My son for I will be with you to the end.


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